Residents of Nyaobe village in Uriri Sub county were treated to a shocking incident after a 45 year old man committed suicide after the wife declined his advances to cook chicken for dinner.

The deceased identified as John Rugala locked himself in his house, doused himself with fuel and set it ablaze

According to area assistant chief John Atonya, the deceased came home and wanted the foul slaughtered for dinner but the wife declined saying the bird belonged to their daughter.

“The wife was adamant that before they could slaughter the chicken the man had to ask their daughter for permission which angered him.”

John Atonya

The enraged man sent away his wife from his compound saying he was not respected enough in his own compound to ask a daughter permission before deciding what should be eaten for dinner.

Villagers said the couple had been having a long running marital problem and they thought the action was just one of common outbursts.

“We thought the matter was small and the woman was to go back later in the evening after the man cooled down only for us to seek smoke bellowing from the compound,” a neighbor said.

When they rushed back, including the wife, they found the house locked from inside and the man was already dead.

The body was taken to Migori Referral Hospital awaiting post mortem examinations,.


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