Members of Migori County Assembly at the assembly assessing the allegedly broken knee of their colleague at the compounds after they failed to take part in the special committee sitting. The MCAs decried intimidation by the house leadership amidst other challenges they faced

Chaos erupted at the Migori county assembly as the Members of Migori County Assembly (MCAs) decried intimidation by the House leadership to conduct house businesses amidst unresolved graveness raised.

The MCAs complained of their welfare not being looked into in the manner that is supposed to, as they lamented over tough economic challenges they face yet they have an unpaid allowances.

The aggravated members stormed the county assembly compound disrupting proceedings which were given a cold bath by the majority.

Additionally, the members decried delayed remittance of bursary forms to the ward offices, despite having encouraged electorates to pick forms from the ward offices.

They say it exposes them to the wrath of unforgiving voters who term them as liars and cunning.

Mr Olima Obonyo member from  North Kadem stated that as the schools are poised for resumption on 23 January 2023, their areas have a huge number of people living below the poverty level such that it is only through bursaries that they are able to raise schools fees.

“As you are aware, we come from areas where the majority of people are poor, parents are not able to pay school fees when schools open on 23 January. As a county, we are very late on this issue as most counties are through with the vetting process, said Olima.

Migori County Assembly Deputy Speaker Mr Mathews Chacha conducting house proceedings attended by three MCAs after other members decried intimidation from the House leadership. Photo by Eunice Wanjiru.

Mr Olima added that as Migori MCAs they are suffering due to lack of funds, forcing them to board motorbikes to attend the assembly special meetings.

Among the key issues raised included delayed salaries, unpaid allowances, unresolved bursary from disbarments, ward operation funds and car mortgage.

He however requested the governor to engage MCAs so that they do not witness the occurrences that took centre stage in the previous assembly.

Central Kanyamkago MCA Miss Eunice Odii laments that the House leadership is intimidating other members making them feel victimised and coerced upon questioning some of the house directives.

At the centre stage was the assembly deputy speaker Mr Mathews Chacha and the House Majority Leader Mr Tom Ngoro who were seen conducting assembly proceedings despite loud outcry from displeased members.

“We are victimised as members of Migori county assembly by some people who believe that they own the governor. Such a member should not be allowed anywhere near the governor and we feel so bad, said Miss Odii.

While speaking to the press to counter the accusations of intimidation, the majority leader of the county assembly Mr Tom Ngoro downplayed the call by fellow colleagues inciting that proper channels should be followed as stipulated by the laws of the house.

Migori County Assembly majority leader Mr Tom Ngoro speaking to the press to counter the accusations of intimidation. Photo by Eunice Wanjiru.

 Mr Ngoro noted that it is indeed a fact that ward bursaries should be disbursed and also issues to do with member’s welfare should be addressed, however, some members are inciting others to cause chaos for their political gain.

 “There are some challenges that can only be resolved through dialogue. However, it is unfortunate that there are those who want to incite other members for their self-interest which I believe is part of politics. I think everything is going to be sorted amicably so that we can move on as an assembly as initially, said the majority leader.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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