Migori County United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party coordinator Mr Fredrick Otieno Syengo; Photo by Ian Omondi, KTMN

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party has criticized the frequent attacks on Migori MCAs associated with the party.

UDA party coordinator in Migori Fred Syengo accused the leadership of Governor Ochillo Ayacko on grounds that it does not embrace diversity.

Syengo said that the freedom of association is enshrined in the 2010 constitution and that every person has a right to belong to a party of choice.

“Every leader represents electorates and it doesn’t matter where they solicit funds from in their attempt to deliver for the people, said Syengo.

Syengo’s critics come after a section of MCAs from the county were frogmarched by goons while holding a private meeting in a hotel in Migori town.

Syengo also said that the difference in political ideologies among the leaders is a ground for brooding divergent but positive leadership for the electorates’ benefit and not for enmity.

“We should all refer to the difference that occurred between the late President Jomo Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga that breed democracy and later multipartism in Kenya,” he added.

Whip receptors

Peter Mijungu of West Kanyamkago, Norman Ogolla of East Kanyamkago, Samson Olima of North Kadem and Eunice Odie of Central Kanyamkago have been on the receiving ends of kicks and blows from unknown goons.

The four, for a second time, were attacked while having a private meeting just weeks after they were attacked by ‘goons’ at Migori county assembly compounds.

The attack left Olima nursing several injuries as his assailants caught up with him fleeing the hotel, Antel Mara in migori town.

On the other hand, Mijungu and Ogolla were forced to perform acrobats when they jumped from the first-floor balcony of the said hotel, while Miss Odie, who was unable to escape was forced to take cover under the bar’s counter within the hotel.

The three who recorded their statement at Oruba police station accused the county executive of adding fuel to the house which is already on fire by taking sides.

“It surprised me that even the governor’s security who was holding the umbrella for him during the requiem mass was also present at the scene when we were attacked,” said Mijungu.

The attacks, which have been alleged to have been incited by a nominated member of the County Assembly, have so far ignited political heat within the assembly with the pro-Kenya Kwanza MCAs saying that they are being targeted.

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