A section of Muslims in Kilifi county have endorsed prominent lawyer George Kithi in the gubernatorial seat after picking a Muslim, Athman Seif, as his running mate in the August polls.

The Muslims who merged at Eid Baraza in Mtwapa on Monday for the Eid-Ul-Adha celebrations supported Kithi’s candidature to ensure that he clinches the seat due to his agenda of promoting cohesion and peaceful co-existence in the county.

The Islamic leaders including Ibrahim Babangida, who is also the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) party chairperson said that all Muslims in Kilifi County will be safe in the hands of a governor who is deputized by a Muslim.

Muslims cheering Kilifi County Governor Aspirant George Kithi during Eid-Ul-Adha celebrations at Eid Baraza in Mtwapa on Monday Photo by Treeza Auma

Babangida urged all the Muslim in the county to throw their weight behind Kithi adding that he is the only aspirant who has the best interest of the Muslim community in the county.

“He picked one of us to deputize him. If we vote him in, it means our needs will also be included and equally taken care of”, Babangida said.

“I urge all the Islamic leaders to use all the influence they possess in prayers to ensure that Kithi wins the governor seat because it’s only in his hands that we Muslims will be safe”, he added.

While addressing the gathering during the Eid celebrations, Kithi’s running mate Athman Seif promised to work coherently in order to bring the communities together regardless of their religion and tribe if voted in on the August polls.

Seif urged Kilifi residents to engage in peaceful elections and vote in leaders who manifest in developing the county and bringing different communities together. 

“My expertise in developmental projects combined with my boss George Kithi’s expertise are an essential aspect of governance and thus I ask you to vote us in on the ninth of August general elections”, Seif said.

Speaking to the Muslims during the celebrations, Kilifi county governor aspirant George Kithi explained why he picked a Muslim running mate saying that the Islamic people also need a representation in the gubernatorial position.

Kilifi County Gubernatorial Aspirant George Kithi Addressing Residents During Eid-Al-Adha celebrations at Eid Baraza in Mtwapa on Monday Photo by Treeza Auma

He added that all other leaders considered their running mate choices based on which Mijikenda sub-tribe they come from while disregarding other communities at the region.

“Therefore, I picked Athman Seif as my running mate so that both Christians and Muslims are represented and I assure you today that we will serve you all regardless of where you come from”, Kithi said.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of https://www.ktmn.co.ke KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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