Three people were this morning rushed to Migori County referral hospital with severe injuries after a passenger bus lost control and veered off the road along the Migori Isebania bypass.

Several passengers including minors were also left nursing minor injuries following the accident.

The bus from Climax Coaches Company was headed for Kehancha town from Nairobi using the newly constructed bypass outside Migori town before the accident occurred.

According to eyewitnesses, the bus was descending and negotiating a sharp corner on a steep part of the road at Kawa trading centre before it lost control and rammed into nearby business stalls

No passenger death was reported at the scene of the accident even as police suspect that the driver of the bus was not familiar with the new route.

The 63-seater bus is among other PSVs and Private vehicles that were avoiding passing through Migori town where demonstrators had blocked the Kisii Isebania highway.

Demonstrators were heeding the 2nd May countrywide demonstrations called by Azimio la Umoja One Kenya alliance leader Raila Odinga.

By 6 am the highway all the way from Rongo had been blocked with rowdy youths only allowing motorists to pass after paying some considerable amount of money.

The Migori Bridge on river Migori that snakes in the middle of Migori town had been tightly blocked with stones.

Motorists were left only with the alternative to use Kakrao-Kawa Janction-Number bypass to access Isebania border town.

Similarly, all major towns in Migori County including Rongo, Awendo, Kehancha and Uriri remained cut off in the better part of the morning.

 The security personnel are on high alert to deal with demonstrators out to destroy property and interfere with the free movements of members of the public.

A sport-check by KTMN revealed a high presence of police within Migori, Rongo and Awendo towns with all government and private installations like banks and offices being guarded at all times.

However, no violence had been witnessed so far even as shops and business places within the region remained closed.

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