• Kenyans criticize top media officials praising Kasavuli on her burrial
  • Kasavuli had rental arrears while she was ill, but cleared after her death
  • Roads to Zululu Village marrammed for the first time, only after her death.

Late Catherine Kasavuli’s descent burial has elicited negative reactions among Kenyans who mostly feel she deserved to be accorded the honor when she was ill than doing so after her demise.

The reactions bursted into flames after Citizen TV’s Salim Mdoe revealed that Kasavuli turned down KTN’s new car offer to remain in the station instead of taking her new job at the Royal Media Services.

“It was a very huge task convincing Catherine to leave KTN for Citizen TV, I saw her cry literally because when KTN heard that she wanted to leave the station for Royal Media Service, they promised to buy her a new car”, Mdoe eulogized.

According to reactions in the social media, most Kenyans have thrown stones to Kasavuli’s ex-employers for not showing up during her time of need in the hospital but instead flowering their eulogy with praises.

Other Kenyans reacted negatively after the road leading to late Catherine’s home in Tigoi, Vihiga county was renovated after her death while she never saw such neatly done roads near her home while she was still alive.

It is said that her rent arrears that had accrued to hundreds of thousands was cleared only after her death.

At the time she died, the hospital bill debt of Ksh 4 million got cleared through a fundraising at the UK Club that raised an excess amount of Ksh 5 million for the family to use during her burial.

While it is the norm to praise people when they are dead, most Kenyans feel that the late TV star’s burial revealed hypocrisy of the highest order.

However some dismissed the thoughts saying that Cancer is a costly disease that wouldn’t be healed by just friends and family coming in aid for a patient.

The TV veteran took her last bow on 29th December 2022 after battling cervical cancer at Kenyatta National  Hospital (KNH) and was buried on 14th January 2023 at her Zululu home village in Vihiga County with leaders across the nation attending.