Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) delegates in Migori have declared total war with party rebels in the county following the mass defection after the 2022 general elections.

Led by John Mbadi, nominated Member of Parliament and Governor Ochilo Ayacko, the party chairman at the delegates meeting in Nyatike, condemned the defectors calling them traitors.

John Mbadi said that it is time for ODM to do a thorough vetting before settling on whom to give direct nomination tickets to ahead of any election.

“We call upon the ODM election board to do a lot of considerations before settling on their preferred candidates for various positions in any election,” said Mbadi.

Traitors and snitches

His statement follows betrayals from most Members of Parliament who were awarded direct nominations and who supported the bill contrary to Azimio-One Kenya Coalition directives.

He referred to Uriri Member of Parliament, Mark Nyamita, Paul Abuor of Rongo Constituency, Carolly Omondi of Suba South and Elisha Odhiambo of Gem Constituency and Felix Odiwuor of Lang’ata.

Mbadi also went head-on with Edick Anyanga, accusing him of using ill-mannered language against ODM party leader Raila Odinga when he failed to deliver to Nyatike Constituency during his term in parliament.

“When he had 10 years to deliver the residents of Nyatike from the bondage of underdevelopment, the best thing he did was to brag about buying suits to his sycophants,” Mbadi said.

The former Suba South Member of Parliament marvelled at the strategies used by party rebels saying that as ODM delegates, they will not sit back and watch them breaking into Raila’s political bedroom.

The delegates, on the other hand, called upon the residents to weed the defectors out as the best way of punishing them.

weakening ODM in Migori

Governor Ochilo did not relent on the same when he threw his barbs at the party defectors, saying that their attempt to champion for division of Migori Nyanza residents will not prosper.

He condemned the decision by Paul Abuor and Mark Nyamita to work with the Kenya Kwanza contrary to the party dictates as a true definition of betrayal.

Migori governor Dr ochilo Aaycko, Photo by Ologi Peter,KTMN

“I want to tell them that there is no any other sign of political betrayal other than parting ways with the party that gave you a direct ticket,” he said.

He told the defectors to better find a ground to root themselves on other than being on both sides, a political betrayal that should not be tolerated.

“It is high time the rebels come clear on their stand other than playing the rat and cat games which, in the end, will only cost you,” he added.

Toothless appointees

Suna West Member of Parliament Peter Masara faulted the rebels who have been appointed to head various departments for failing to bring developments to the people.

He particularly pointed out the ongoing distribution of relief food by the leaders headed by the ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo as inconsequential and that the residents have enough to feed them.

“We have not heard of any casualty of hunger from Migori County. This is enough to render the ongoing distribution of food by Owalo as hypocrisy aimed to weaken the ODM party,” he said.

Masara did not stop at this as he went ahead to call on Cs Owalo to leave the distribution exercise for local administration.

“I find no reason as to why a whole Cabinet Secretary would use taxpayers’ money to board helicopters daily just to come and distribute food which can be done by the local administration,” he added.

coward government sympathisers

Rangwe Constituency Member of Parliament Dr Lilian Gogo and her counterpart from Suna West Peter Masara. Photo by Ologi Peter,KTMN

Dr Lilian Gogo of Rangwe Constituency, on her side, termed the rebel leaders as cowards who would betray the voice of the people to please the government’s wicked ways at the reward of peanuts.

“There are times when you have to be loyal to the voice of the people because it is God’s voice rather than pleasing the authoritarian government at the reward of meagre positions,” she stated.

Gogo also accused the leaders of being easily moved instead of standing firm to show directions to show direction to the women leaders.

She vowed to place a motion in parliament that would send the party rebels back to seek a fresh mandate from the electorates as a punishment for betraying their confidence in them.

“I want to call upon the residents to support this initiative, and when the time comes for them to seek the mandate, it will only be just when we come out and show them where they belong,” she said.

The vocal Member of Parliament also faulted President William Ruto for remaining adamant about the miserable economy of Kenya and the subsequent move to implement the manipulative finance bill.

“I want to strongly state here that it is uncalled for that the president has decided to be authoritative and manipulate the Members of the Parliament into supporting this bill,” she added.

She also persuaded the people to remain peaceful and wait for the major announcement from Raila Odinga that is scheduled to take place at Kamkunji grounds on Tuesday, June 2023.

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