Migori County governor, Dr Ochillo Ayacko has called on leaders at County and National government to focus on service delivery rather than creating dissonance between the two levels of government.

Ayacko showed his disappointment with what he referred to as blackmail and sycophancy by local leaders who want to achieve self-interest at the expense of working for electorates.

The Governor was speaking during the commissioning of Nguku Mahando Community water project at Gokeharaka Gatembwega in Kuria East Sub County.

He called on the leaders trying to desist from branding him as the opposition by the virtue of leading a county from the Luo region, therefore, breaching coordination between his administration and that of the national government.

“There is a narrative that the Governor of Migori is an opposition governor. I am a public service officer who uses government resources and sign laws which are then confirmed by the national government.

Governor Ochilo Aycko, Migori County

He added that those who insight the national government to treat some county government as opposition only continue to subject the residents to miseries due to lack of resources from the national government.

“I am in disagreement with those who tell local chiefs, Assistant County Commissioners and even the County Commissioners to treat County governments as opposition. Otherwise, nobody knows the outcome of the next General Elections whose results may still be the same,” he added.

Ayacko continued to sarcastically mock the said discord brewers, calling upon them to concentrate on delivering service to the people instead of suing the county government daily.

He was particular with the County Public Service Board which has since not advertised jobs, a case which limits his service delivery to the County residents.

”We have people who have been appointed to serve at different capacities in the national government. But its unfortunate that these same people continue to waste our time of employing youths in the county to help us propel development.

Governor Ochilo Ayacko, Migori County

In his message to the public office holders, especially those who seek public mandate, Ayacko said that they have an obligation to deliver services to everyone regardless of their political orientation.

He added that the economy as it stands, affects each and every citizen and that calls for a joint effort from leaders to salvage the situation.

“We work as a government at different capacities and that should not create discord. We do not break the nation because some people may be in opposition. We remain one people, same people having same aspirations,” added Governor Ayacko.

He however, appreciated the diversity within the County, calling everyone to work towards building Kenyan economy, saying that Kenya is bigger than everyone’s self-interest.

He was accompanied by Migori County Deputry Governor, Joaseph Mahiri who also called for a joint effort towards achieving greater potentials in the County.

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