Busia County woman representative Ms Catherine Omanyo with women groups during the distribution of cheques from NGAAF:PHOTO:OKONGO ODUYA,KTMN

Busia County woman representative Ms. Catherine Omanyo has maintained that he will not support the proposed finance bill 2023.

According to Ms Omanyo, the bill is oppressive and it does not mean well for Kenyans.

“If this finance bill will sail through in the national assembly it is going to make life tough for the majority of Kenyans. You can imagine life is hard as we speak, and yet the bill is yet to be a law, what will happen if it is finally in implementation.”

Catherine Omanyo Busia Woman Rep

While addressing women self-help groups in Busia, during the distribution of grants from National Government Affirmative Action fund (NGAAF) in Busia Ms Omanyo noted the government should have involved Kenyans at the grassroot level through public participation instead it had a meeting with the elites in urban areas then impose what they have agreed Kenyans.

The legislator noted that before developing the bill, the government should have carried out public participation at the grassroot level and then implement it according to what people agreed upon but instead sat with few elites in boardrooms then agreed on their course of action in full disregard of the crisis facing the citizens.

“A good leader is the one who listens to his people, gets their views then implements what you have agreed upon. But what is happening here is contrary and it’s  going to cause mental problems and depression to many Kenyans, if this bill goes through.”

Ms Omanyo

She added: “These affordable houses they are talking about, let them come and construct them down here, this is where the poor, widows and orphans live. If they do so I will support it but their proposal of having these houses in urban centers, towns and cities, I will not support it. The bill proposes to tax Kenyans in every corner including table banking where most of the poor people invest, insurance compensation and that in my opinion is going to affect our people badly.”

However Ms Omanyo challenged women, youths and people living with disabilities in Busia county to form self-help groups to be able to benefit from the NGAAF funds to improve their lives economically, adding that despite late release of the money, those who are yet to form groups are disadvantaged.

“Life as we speak is tough to the majority of Kenyans, it is like everyone is for him/herself. The little everyone gets, he/she thinks of the immediate families. But I just want to urge my people, especially youths, women and people living with disabilities, to let them work hard. Let them form self help groups and through them, they will get funds from the government including funds from NGAAF, although it comes late but that should not derail them from forming groups.”

Busia Women Rep

At least 70 women and youths’ groups in Busia county will benefit from the first phase of the funds from the National government Affirmative Action fund where each group is receiving between Sh100,000 and sh150,000 depending on what they propose to do with the funds.


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