NRA Party officials led by chairman Fredrick Munuku adressing journalists in Busia town. PHOTO:OKONG’O ODUYA,KTMN

Despite leadership wrangles within the National Reconstruction Party (NRA), the party chairperson Mr Fredric Munuku has maintained that the organized National Delegate Council meeting on 25th August is still on as planned.

According to Mr Munuku, the differences within the party leadership will not deter them from organizing the meeting.

“I wish to tell National Reconstruction Party (NRA) members that the planned NDC council meeting organized on the 25th of August is still on. All the plans are in place including security measures. Security apparatus has already allowed us to proceed with the meeting, it is just an assurance that the meeting is still on and it will be peaceful” he noted

Addressing the press in Busia Mr Munuku noted that the office of the registrar of political parties advised the party to organize for the NDC to try and address leadership differences that are being witnessed in the party.

“It is true there are leadership wrangles within the party. The purpose of this meeting is to try and solve the problems that are being witnessed in the party the way we were advised by the office of the political parties to conduct party elections to have other leaders in place. We invited everyone that is a member of the party including Busia senator Mr Okiya Omtata, who was elected on an NRA ticket,” said Mr Munuku.

The party chairperson challenged Mr Omtata to remain neutral on party affairs, adding that he is a national figure and he should not be used by a section of the party leadership to wreak havoc within the party.

“The office of the Busia senator is aware of this meeting but I am told that he is not around. The only problem I have, I am told, is that the party secretary general is also planning his own NDC meeting. If the constitution allows him to do so he is free to proceed. But I want to tell Mr Omtata that he is a national figure, he should not be used by a section of the party leadership to cause problems within the party,” stated Mr Munuku.

His sentiments were echoed by Ms Irine Mwai, the women leader at the NRA adding that leaders in the party are ready for the first NRA delegates meeting that will take place at the polytechnic ground in Busia on the 25th.

“As you can see we are ready to have the first NRA national delegates council meeting that will be held at the polytechnic ground in Busia on Friday. We have plans in place to make it successful. We are inviting the people of Busia to come out in numbers and witness this occasion,” she said

Ms Mwai noted that as a party, they are ready to welcome women and other people to the party to make sure that the party grows.

Mr Justice Ayieka, one of the party members, urged all party aspirants in last year’s elections to unite and rally their support behind the leadership to make the NRA a strong party countrywide.

He appealed to youths not to shun politics due to one reason or another saying that youths need to make their voice heard to actively participate in politics.


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