Governor Ochilo Ayacko has commissioned  Nyamotambe Dispensary in Gokeharaka-Gatembwega in Kuria East Sub County, an effort that is geared to achieve affordable health care in the County.

While speaking at the official launch of the Community Dispensary, Ayacko said that they are commitment is to ensure that Migori County residents get easier access to a more convenient healthcare.

“Health still remain our number one priority and we are committed to ensuring that every citizen has the right to access affordable healthcare in the most convenient way possible.

Governor Ochilo Ayacko, Migori County

Upon its operationalization, Nyamotambe Dispensary now brings the total number of operationalized health units in the county to 160.

He added that the operationalization of the dispensary is a clear indication that the County has taken a positive trajectory towards achieving on of the major aims of freedom fighters, ending diseases.

“As we mark this great achievenment, I want to say that as a county, we still remain the people’s servant and we are because we want to deligently serve them to end poverty, disease and ignorance,” said the Governor.

His words were also echoed by Health Executive Committee Member, Julius Nyerere who praised the milestones the department has achieved by ensuring that the sick always have access to drugs.

This, Nyerere said, is a great milestone in the health department which has been for a long time experiencing various challenges.

“I am glad to announce that although we took over from a dysfunctional department with drug deficit, we have tried our best to ensure that we have cleared the huge bill and this can be seen from the supply pf drugs from KEMSA,” said Nyerere.

Nyerere however, cautioned the employees to desist from selling the drugs to personal chemists who later sell the drugs at an exorbitant price apart from leading to drug deficits in the dispensaries.

“I have an intelligence report of employees who sell the drugs to private chemists. I am putting my staff on notice to always ensure that the drugs we get from the ministry are purposely meant for our people,” he added.

According to the CEC, opening up and operationalization of such dispensaries adds up to the efforts towards achieving Universal Health Coverage which is among the Vision 2030’s main goals.

Julius Nyerere, County Executive Committee Member, Health. Photo by Peter Ologi;KTMN

Mabel Chanzu, Publig Health Chief Officer, said that the dispensary will be key to the residents of Gokeharaka as it will cut transport costs while seeking medical attention.

She also thanked the County Government for remaining steadfast to its promises of making health sector better which has made it easier to fight opportunistic diseases.

“As a department, I want to admit that among all the County departments, the Governor has made health department a top priority. This has made us achieve great milestones, Nyamotambe Dispensary among them.

Mabel Chanzu, Migori County Public Health Chief Officer

Chanzu who also commended the public health staff for always being ready to work to ensure that the dispensary comes to life for the benefit of the people around.

“It is your through your efforts that we have come this far, and the people of Gokeharaka can now easily access healthcare,” she added.

Chanzu also said that the dispensary will also reduce the load for the work of Community Health Providers (CHPs), acting as a store for their medical needs and nearest referral health point.

The commissioning of the dispensary also saw the unveiling of 68 CHPs who will coordinate with the staff at the dispensary to promote access to convenient healthcare.

According to the area representative at the County Assembly, the hospital has been built at a tune of 3.5 million.

The dispensary which has been fully equipped will have antenatal units where expectant mothers can get quick assistance and checkups apart from other services.

Its completion and operationalization has finally come to pass since its foundation stone was built in 2014.

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