Anglican church archbishop Dr Jackson Ole Sapit once again has criticized leaders in Kenya’s Kwanza government who say Kenya is governed by shareholding principles.

According to him, the way some government officials are distributing government resources discriminates against other areas of the country.

Addressing the congregation in the Nambale diocese in Busia County in a farewell mass to the Nambale diocese bishop Dr Robert Magina, Sapit said every Kenyan has a right to benefit from the government resources.

“The government has a bigger responsibility to ensure that things are stabilized and those managing our public affairs have the responsibility to ensure that what they are supposed to do, let them do the right way,” said Ole Sapit

He added, “Let us not limit ourselves to that tribal thing that we have in Kenya, we run our national politics on and party formation along tribal lines that is why we have this language of shareholdings but when it comes to paying taxes we pay equally. We all belong to Kenya and it does not matter where the leader comes from.”

Susan Mang’eni is the Principal Secretary of the newly established State Department of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Development under the Ministry of Cooperative and MSMEs urged leaders to shun politics and allow those elected in various offices to deliver to Kenyans.

“The main problem we have in Busia is poverty. Let those elected in various offices have enough time to execute the development they promised the people of Busia and Kenya at large during the campaign. Involving in endless politics as a county will derail development,” said PS Mangeni.

Busia governor Dr Paul Otuoma warned the Busia council of elders to stop the war of words on matters related to boundaries adding that by doing so they are causing unnecessary tension among the people of Busia.

“People of Busia are living in peace and we don’t want to see people with ill intentions discussing boundary issues in Busia. That is creating animosity amongst our people for no reason. There is no boundary review that is going on now and those talking about boundaries review in Busia are missing the point.

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