The political temperatures especially in western Kenya are heating up attributing to the increased campaign gatherings where aspirants for various elective position from the MCAs to the Presidential candidates throwing their manifestos to seek for their votes.

This is no different at Webuye west sub- county in Bungoma county where Peter Munyasi Makali has come out strong showing interest for the member of parliament seat seeking to oust the current MP Dan Wanyama.

Munyasa was born and bred in Sitikho ward in Webuye West where he attended his primary education and later joined Mang’u high school then studied bio-chemistry in the University of Nairobi.

Munyasi has worked in and outside the country collecting a vast knowledge on leadership and he says he is now ready to come back home to serve his people in a bid to bring positive development to the residents.

“I am heeding to the cries of my people who crave for development that hasn’t been forthcoming with the current MP, he has been in parliament for long but hasn’t done much for the people of Webuye West and so given a chance I believe I can do a good job uplifting the livelihood of my people,” Munyasi said while addressing a section of his supporters in Bokoli.

He says there is need for economic awakening especially in the sugar industry owing to the fact that sugarcane farmers are not being paid after taking their produce to the factories leaving them discouraged and if elected as the area mp, he will fight for the rights of farmers in parliament, ensuring they are paid on time and the sugar factories revived fully.

Munyasi is very passionate about education and has helped so many students access education by paying their school fees and has now developed an initiative drive called ‘Elimu Mufti’ which is a kitty fund for needy students who fail to get bursaries to help them pay for fees.

“I started the Elimu Mufti initiative because the bursary funds are not always enough to cater for all needy students and some are left out so from this Elimu Mufti kitty we are able to take care of those left out,” said Munyasi. “I have a group of like-minded friends who help me raise the funds in this kitty,” he added.

He accused the current legislature for not focusing on growing the talents of the locals saying that the neighboring counties of trans Nzoia has natured the talents of their young athletes while the talents and capabilities of the Webuye West residents go untapped.

“We need to narture the talents of our people because talent pays and me as your MP come august 9th ,I will ensure our children playing football have tournaments every now and then so that they can sharpen their skills and there will be also church choir competition for those who can sing to flex their voices for pries,” Said Munyasi.

He further expressed his disappointment in the management of the health sector in the sub county and asked residents to vote him in so that he could build more health facilities and more so focus on the universal health coverage by educating the people the importance of enrolling into NHIF to get insured.

“It is important that we all move together ensuring that we have our NHIF insurance cover and my administration will focus much on the provision of proper health services to you voters,” noted Munyasi.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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