The Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication and digital economy Eliud Owalo has unleashed the government’s development projects in Nyanza, months after the head of state’s visit to the region.

Owalo was speaking at Opapo Division, Rongo Sub County in Migori County where he launch a security light at Opapo Market and led the distribution of relief food to the residents in the area.

Reviving SONY sugar company

Owalo said that the government has already set aside money to revive South Nyanza (SONY) Sugar Milling Company and revitalize it.

This he said, will be achieved by first paying all debts and machine installation so that the company can be operational once again.

He said that President Ruto’s appointment of Jared Kopiyo as a director of the company board clearly indicates the president’s commitment to reviving the company.

When revived, the company is expected to solve the challenges facing sugarcane farmers who have complained of delayed cane harvesting and payments due to lack of a serious management.

“We want to work closely with the area leaders so that we can solve the problems facing cane farmers once and for all,” he echoed.

Digitization plan

The ICT Cabinet Secretary also promised to install ICT hubs in the identified areas in the region so as to fasten the digitization of services.

He said that he has already identified various areas in Rongo, Opapo being one of the areas where he will install 100 computers to aid this digitization.

“I have already identified some areas in Rongo Sub County where I will bring 100 computers that will fasten the digitization of our economy,” he said.

He said that the youth will be the most advantaged lot to benefit from the ICT hubs projects by learning online to add skills and knowledge.

Blue economy factor

The Cs also said that the government is planning to put up a fish processing factory in Muhuru Bay to maximize fish production in the area apart from improving the blue economy.

“The proposed fish processing factory in Muhuru Bay will be a boost towards strengthening our blue economy by encouraging more fish production,” he added.

To ensure that fish reach the market in time, Owalo said that the government will be completing the Busia-Muhuru road, (Busia-Muhuru Ring Road) which will shorten the time taken to reach various markets.

Empowering youth and women groups

Consequently, he said that Ruto’s government has already created a pool of funds from which the youth and women can borrow and use the funds to boost their businesses.

He called upon the leaders from the region to rally behind President Ruto’s administration for the benefit of the people they represent.

“As leaders, our own aim is to see that our people benefit from this government, and that is a reason enough for us to rally behind it,” he said.

Relief food distribution

During his visit, he gave out 400 bags of rice and 160 bags of beans to the residents before proceeding to Dede Division where he also gave out 400 bags of rice and 260 bags of rice.

“I want to assure you that the government is aware of the climatic challenges of the people of Rongo, and that is why I have responded to your request for relief food,” said Owalo.

He, however, condemned chiefs and political leaders who hoard the relief food, repackage them and later introduce them back into the market for their own benefit.

He said that it is the role of the leaders to ensure that the relief food is sub-divided equally so that everyone benefits from the government’s charity service to its people.

“I want all the leaders to ensure order during this process and that all the food is divided without some being taken by leaders from this area,” he added.

His words were a reiteration of Migori County Commissioner’s direction to all the leaders to be leading by example by being law-abiding and always at the forefront to condemn vices.

“I want all the leaders to be peace-loving and always set the bar of politics of peace and not for division in this region,” said the Gitonga, the County Commissioner.

Owalo who was accompanied by the area Member of Parliament, Paul Abuor, said that the government is still aware of Kenya Kwanza’s promises during the campaign period and that it is now time to deliver.

He said that giving relief food is among the government’s promises and that even the Nyanza region is part of their target areas.

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