Pamoja African Alliance Party leaders and residents of Kilifi County have hailed former Governor Amason Kingi for being elected as the speaker of the Senate in Kenya.

The leaders also thanked President elect William Ruto for keeping the promise he made to Kingi who is the PAA party leader when he joined Kenya Kwanza before the general election.

Kingi was declared winner after scooping all the 46/67 votes cast during the senate elections today.

Leaders who spoke and later slaughtered a goat to celebrate include Former Nominated senator Christine Zawadi, former Kibarani MCA John Mwamutsi, Ambassador Sofie Kombe, Victor Gogo of Mtepeni ward and Edward Saro among others also thanked Kilifi Senator Stewart Madzayo for voting for Kingi despite the fact that they are from different political affiliations.

Addressing journalists in Kilifi town Zawadi said Kingi’s victory was historical for Kilifi county and the Coast at large.

She said that was clear proof that having a political party is important for the region.

“The Senate seat is a big position. I think this is the fourth in command from the presidency so as a coastal people we are proud of the achievement,” she said.

Zawadi said she had confidence in Ruto’s presidency as he is a man who keeps his word and shall deliver to Kenyans.

Mwamutsi on his part said it’s time the coast region moved away from voting six peace for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and that Ruto has proved that he fulfils his promise.

He said in ODM, they promised to nominate Kilifi youth Fikirini Jacobs to the Senate and short changed him atthe last minute.

“I would like to now ask Kilifi people to see between Azimio who promised senate nomination to our youth Fikirini Jacobs but shortchanged him and Kenya Kwanza who have kept their word and made sure Kingi is the Senate speaker,” he said.

Mwamutsi also thanked the president and assured him of support from the leaders in Kilifi to ensure he delivers to the people.

On her part Kombe said they were happy for Kenya Kwanza to elect Kingi and the Senate speaker.

Saro said the election of Kingi as the senate speaker was a clear indication that the coast was headed for the better.

The leaders called on the Kilifi residents and coast at large to throw their weight to Ruto as the Azimio coalition was not promising.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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