A section of Politicians in Kilifi County have insisted that the Coast region has lagged behind because of lacking a political party to represent them in the national government.

Speaking during a political rally at Sosoni, Marafa and Adu in Magarini Constituency, Kilifi County gubernatorial aspirant narrated to locals how the Coast region previously owned several industries through KADU Asili party’s leadership, which eventually collapsed when the party was taken over by KANU.

He said that PAA is the only party that will replace KADU to revive all the fallen industries and give back the coast region residents what belonged to them.

Kithi has been urging residents throughout his rallies across Kilifi county not to embrace any political party that does not belong to the Coast region while campaigning for PAA-5-Piece from governor to MCA seat.

“When you vote PAA aspirants from Governor to MCA, it means you have given yourself the power to utilize your resources for your own benefits without someone else coming here to conquer you”, Kithi told Kilifi residents.

Kilifi County Gubernatorial Aspirant George Kithi kneels down before Residents while greeting them during PAA campaign Rallies at Adu ward in Magarini Constituency on Tuesday Photo by Treeza Auma

Among the priorities in his agenda for the Kilifi people, Kithi promised that he will set aside Ksh.2 billion to provide free education for learners in Kilifi, Ksh. 800 Million to establish a coconut industry, Ks. 600 million to revive the Korosho industry, establish Gumbaru schools for the older persons, empower women, improve the blue economy among others.

Seif Athman, Deputy Gubernatorial aspirant through PAA told Kilifi residents to elect leaders from a political party that will represent their voices in the national government in order to improve the county’s economy.

He told residents that through Kithi and himself have the required expertise to solve the problems in Kilifi.

Seconded by former Malindi MP, Lucas Maitha slammed president Uhuru Kenyatta saying he has suddenly reduced the cost of maize flour to trap Kenyans to vote for Raila Odinga after which the price will hike to Ksh. 300.

The politicians insisted that the Coast region has been conquered for a long time by political parties outside the region and it’s high time the residents woke up to free themselves through a political party that will protect their resources.

Maitha argued that before the Governor Amason Kingi-led Pamoja African Alliance(PAA) party settled on supporting a presidential candidate, they had to sign a deal that would help revive all the fallen industries at the coast and benefit the residents.

He directly warned the residents not to vote for Azimio one Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga while making it clear that Kilifi residents should stand with DP William Ruto on 9th August elections.

“If there is anyone you should not vote for as the Kenyan president here in Kilifi, then it is Raila Odinga because he only promised to end our problems by word of mouth unlike Ruto who signed an agreement with us. Do not vote for Azimio,” Maitha told Magarini residents.

Lucas Maitha is the PAA party’s spokesperson.

Magarini MP Michael Kingi, who is still contesting for the same seat for the third round, told residents to reject any politician from other political parties saying that they don’t have any significant agenda for them.

He said that most of the politicians instead of selling their manifesto to residents, ‘they preach against voting for him and Governor Kingi’s led party aspirants’.

As the 9th August general elections nears, Kilifi county’s next governor becomes one of the hottest seat in the country as three potential candidates Aisha Jumwa from UDA, George Kithi from PAA and Gedion Mung’aro from ODM continue to rock each other’s storm.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of https://www.ktmn.co.ke KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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