A multi-agency team, in collaboration with Nacada officials, has exposed a clandestine operation involving the conversion of residential homes in the Nyali palatial area into Shisha dens and brothels.

The illicit activities were brought to light during a night raid that resulted in the arrest of 38 individuals.

During an interview, National Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) CEO Dr. Anthony Omerikwa revealed that the undercover operation targeted two Shisha dens in Nyali, uncovering a web of illegal activities.

“Shisha has been banned since 2017, and upon accessing the premises, we were able to apprehend 38 suspects, including the proprietor and the manager,” stated Dr. Omerikwa.

The operation that was carried on Saturday night managed to seized over 47 Shisha pots and more than 700 Shisha ingredients. Dr. Omerikwa emphasized that these materials would undergo assessment by the Government Chemist to verify their contents, potentially leading to updated charges for the suspects. Pending further investigations, the arrested individuals will remain in custody and were arraigned in court on Monday.

Dr. Omerikwa asserted Nacada’s commitment to the fight against drugs and substance abuse, stating he highlighted the alarming fact that the uncovered hideout possessed a business operating license from 2017, the same year the government banned Shisha.

“The license we were shown has expired as it was only issued for a month in August 2017. We are going to work with the County Government to ensure that such places are properly licensed, Nacada will not relent in the war on drugs to ensure that this vice comes to an end,” he added.

Addressing the potential dangers posed by such establishments, Dr. Omerikwa said some of these dens are breeding grounds for criminal enterprises. Some are where young people are inducted into alcohol and drug abuse

“Nacada, in collaboration with the Mombasa county government, will investigate the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the license and take an action, added Omerikwa