Transport sector in Kenya has faced a major blow following the increase in fuel prices that took action on September 15, 2023.

The adjustment has not only affected transport sector, but has also contributed to inflationary pressures, increasing the cost of doing business and generally slowing down the rate of economic activities.

Boda Boda operators in Busia County are among the service providers that have reviewed their charges by increasing them from the previous sh50 to sh100 town service.

The operators say they arrived at the decision to cope with the burning economy which is caused by increase in the costs of fuel.

They wonder why fuel in Kenyan petrol stations is selling at ksh215, yet in Uganda, a liter of petrol is trading at ksh205 yet tankers ferrying fuel pass through Busia town to Uganda.

Mr Portus Okello questioned why “a liter of petrol in Uganda at ksh205 and in Busia we are buying it at sh215.” Adding that, “We agreed as the operators to review charges from the current sh50 to sh100 town service.”

“The decision to increase charges and announce them to the public is to prepare our clients in advance that we will no longer carry our passengers at 50 shillings the way we used to do,” said Protus Okello, Boda Boda operators.

Speaking on behalf of the Boda Boda operators, Okello said, “Those going outside the town will be required to part with between sh130 to sh300 respectively depending on the distance.”

He warned the underage to desist from riding motorbikes saying that they contribute to increased cases of road accidents involving motorbike riders.

“We will not allow riders who are under the age of 18 years on the road. Due to lack of experience and age, they are behind many cases of accidents being reported in the county.”

To reduce cases of crime involving the riders, they have embarked on a registration process to enable every rider to have an identification number that will distinguish him/her from other riders.

“We will not allow teachers to operate as a Boda Boda business during school holidays. Today we are experiencing an increase in killings of the riders and in most cases,  it is difficult to tell who is a genuine operator and who is not.” This will be the only way to curb those who are not legit operators.

On loan repayment, the operators also noted that “We will not be remitting sh300 to motorbike owners as it was before, instead we are reducing the amount to sh200 and for the credit lenders who issue motorbikes on loan including Watu Credit, Tugende, Mogo among others, you will have to review the terms that you impose on boda boda riders to allow us  reduce the money we pay daily to sh250 from sh450.” Said Martine Makanda, the operator from Angorom.

They promised to cross to Busia Uganda to fuel their bikes due to the lower prices.

“If the government is not going to listen to our cries, we are going to flag off all the motorbikes in Busia Kenya to start fueling in Uganda,” said Eric Makokha

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