Suna Eat DCC Benson Karani awarding cheques to one of the beneficiaries of Job Tambo Foundation.

A total of 110 university hopefuls from vulnerable families in Suna East Constituency, Migori County are all smiles after receiving 1.1 million worth of scholarships to boost their tertiary education.

The donations from Job Tambo Foundation, a development partner founded by Job Tambo will see each student part with a cheque worth Sh10,000.

During the cheque disbursements to the beneficiaries at Ngege Primary School, George Dima, a representative from the foundation said that the scholarship is a scheme to give back to the community from the proprietor of Job Tambo Foundations.

Dima added that the foundation has a keen interest in education as it believes that education is the only fulcrum to success.

“This Foundation is keen to uplift the vulnerable and make equal to those from well-off backgrounds by making them enjoy the same education which, without this, could be only left for the mighty,” he said.

He, however, said that education is a vast field that requires multi-sectoral approaches being not only left to the parents alone, and that is a reason for the existence of the Job Tambo Foundation.

A section of Job Tambo Foundation beneficiaries during bursary distribution at Ngege Primary School in Suna East Constituency. Photo: Peter Ologi; KTMN

While this is not the first time the foundation has sponsored students to school, in January 2023, the foundation sponsored 49 students from Suna East Constituency to join different Secondary schools. A

“The number is expected to increase going forward because as a foundation, we believe that educating the youth is the absolute empowerment that they will depend on for eternity,” he said.

Through the scholarship, the foundation also aims at relieving the students from the burden of the loans that they will be required to repay at interest after their education.

He added that the foundation also aims at venturing into other empowerment projects like waste recycling.

“Going forward, the foundation aims at recycling wastes into profitable products which include using waste products to produce cheap fertilizer for farmers,” he added.

Apart from scholarship, the tertiary education hopefuls were also educated on how the new funding model works and put facts right.

Benson Karani, Suna East Deputy County Commissioner applauded the national government for coming up with the new model, saying that it will be a double boost for the students at colleges and universities.

“This new government funding is moderately commendable as it will be focusing on the needy but bright students, putting them into categories that will determine how much they receive,” said Karani.

According to the new funding model, students seeking the funds will be categorized into four categories, the first one being vulnerable students.

This category consists of orphans and students from poor backgrounds who will get up to 80 per cent of the school fees payable at their respective colleges and universities and 20 per catered for by loans board.

The extremely needy category will get up to 70 per cent of fees payable and another 30 per cent catered for by the loans board.

However, these will only depend on the information given by the applicant after verification. These first two categories are fully catered for by the national government, offloading the guardians of the burden.

The needy students, which form the third category of students under the new funding model will see 50 per cent of their fees catered for by the government and 30 per cent of the school fees.

Parents of these students will be required to pay the remaining 30 per cent of the fees payable at the respective learning institutions.

The fourth category of students under this new funding model will consist of students from fairly well-off backgrounds.

In this category, the government will give up to 30 per cent of the fees payable at the universities while the remaining amount is shared by the loans and parents.

The DCC, however, stressed that the funding will only be awarded upon application by the students seeking for scholarship backed up with honest information.

“It is good to note that this scholarship does not come on a silver plate, and this therefore should tell you that one must honestly apply for them to benefit,” he furthered.

Benson Karani, Suna East DCC addressing the Job Tambo Foundation beneficiaries during the distribution of the scholarship cheques at Ngege Primary. Photo by Peter Ologi; KTMN

Samantha Maya, a beneficiary of the foundation who is set to join Tom Mboya University thanked the foundation for the education boost as she promised to make replicate the help in her studies.

“This foundation work has opened our eyes and minds, reminded us that everything is possible and I promise to reflect this charity work in my studies,” she said.

Her assertions were also echoed by Kevin Odhiambo, KUPPET organizing secretary who applauded Job Tambo for uplifting the vulnerable community through his work.

”I want to say that this is a good initiative that we are all behind to ensure that it becomes a success for the benefit of all our sons that have been selected,” said Kevin.

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