At least two people have been shot by police on Monday during the mass action in Rongo, Migori county.

Pius Ogolla, a bodaboda operator in Rongo together with unidentified person were shot during a bitter exchange between the police and residents.

Mr. Ogolla got injured on the legs by a stray bullet on the legs as he was ferrying a customer from Aroso to Nyarach.

“I was carrying a customer from Aroso to Nyarach when I felt something hit my legs”, he said.

He and his other colleague sought the help from the good Samaritans who offered first aid to them.

Mr. Ogolla was admitted to Rongo sub county hospital before he was referred to Migori level 4 hospital for further treatment.


“At first, I was taken to the sub county hospital before I was  finally transferred to Migori Level 4 hospital in Migori town,” he narrated.

Mr. Ogolla who spoke to us said that he realized that the bullet was fired by a police officer who was hiding  behind a nearby kiosk.

“It is unfortunate that I am a victim of this outcome when I was not part of the demonstrations. While I was assessing the bleeding leg, I realised that the officers were hiding behind a nearby kiosk” Ogolla said.

Rongo is among the places visited by the head of state on March 25, 2023 hosted by the area Member of Parliament.

The demonstrations in Rongo  turned violent after an attempt by a section of demonstrators to break into Kenya Commercial Bank in Rongo.

It took the intervention of the police to use force to disperse the demonstrators which culminated into using live bullets, Mr. Ogolla being a victim of such demonstrations.

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