As the former South African President Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful tool one can use to change the world,” unfortunately, not all can get affordable education.

This is the exact picture in Waimbete Ward, in Migori County where most students are from humble backgrounds whose parents get it hard by attempting to kill two or so birds with the little income they have.

However, as the adage goes, there is light at the end of every tunnel and for Wasimbete Ward, Dackson Agoi has proved this to be true.

The teacher whose name has now become a chorus among every age group in Wasimbete Ward for his philanthropic activities has for another time, reassured his commitment to supporting education.

Through his charity foundation, “Father’s Heart and Hope Foundation” has partially sponsored needy bright students from Wasimbete Ward in Migori County, rekindling their academic spirit.

The students, drawn from humble backgrounds across the ward were assured of the right to education after each benefited from cheques worth Kshs 5000 donated by Agoi.

Speaking at his residence in Migori after distributing the cheques, Agoi insisted on the need to help the less fortunate students from the society academically as a way of bridging the social gap.

“I have thought it wise to extend this charity work to those students from vulnerable backgrounds back in the society to boost their academic confidence even at these tough economic times,” said Agoi.

Agoi who has been involved in this charity work since 2008 through the foundation said that the charity has always targeted vulnerable groups of people in the society, aiming to make them live above the poverty line.

A section of beneficiaries from Dackson Agoi’s Father’s Heart and Hope Foundation education scholaraship. Photo by Peter Ologi; KTMN

As the director of the charity organization, he said that his aim has always been to empower the less fortunate in society, bridging the social gaps by making basic needs available to everyone.

Through the foundation, he has been actively involved in giving out donations in kind and cash to persons in needy areas, reducing the burden of life for them.

”For quite a long time, we have been so much involved in uplifting the lives of vulnerable groups, especially widows, orphanages, and inmates, donating materials quarterly,” said Agoi.

Apart from running the charity organization, Agoi, a teacher by profession also runs an orphanage, hosting children from humble backgrounds.

He added that the exercise will also include students joining different secondary schools in its second phase, with more beneficiaries.

“We are currently waiting for the admission of those joining secondary schools to get their admission numbers so that we resume the second phase where we hope to cover more students,” he added.

He, however, warned those linking the charity work with politics to practice restraint, stop hoodwinking the gullible, and join him in bettering the lives of Wasimbete residents.

“This is purely charity work which should not be linked to any kind of politics. I would, therefore, invite all the like-minded individuals with the same vision of making positive changes to join the race,” said Agoi.

Although he has been greatly alleged to be making jogs in preparation for the 2027 political dwell in the ward, he remained reluctant to comment about it, holding it under the carpet for time to determine.

Despite this, he is on record at one time criticizing the current Member of the County Assembly for the said Ward, faulting him for failure to deliver to the electorates, his promises.

He encouraged the public to venture into more productive activities while allocating each item its the right time.

“Everything has its own time. This is time for us to talk development and uplift the living standards of our people and wait for the right time for us to play politics,” he echoed.

Steve Otieno, a beneficiary of the scholarship thanked the director, asking him to extend his charitable heart to include more of such students in the next phase of scholarship.

He also encouraged the students to put extra effort in their academics, assuring them of brighter future pegged on hard work.

“I want to take this chance to thank our sponsor Mr Agoi, for the charity he has benevolently done. How i wish this could be made to incorporate more beneficiaries next time as other leaders emulate the same. To the students, this is a clear indication that you have to put extra effort in your work,” said Steve.