A long-awaited borehole has been successfully drilled at Kakamera courtesy of the Turkana County Government.

This new borehole estimated yield is 20m3 and is promising to address the persistent water access challenges for hundreds of residents of Juluk and Methewan in Kanamkemer ward, Turkana Central.

Chief Officer for Water Services, David Maraka, reiterated the department’s commitment to equipping the borehole and facilitating the channeling of water through the already existing pipeline network in the targeted areas.

The escalating demand for water in both Juluk and Methewan, driven by rapid population growth and urbanization, has intensified demand on the existing infrastructure, notably borehole nine earmarked for servicing the area.

“Now that we have confirmed availability of water, our immediate focus shifts to test pumping, quality assessments, and the eventual distribution of this vital resource to the residents,” Chief Officer Maraka said.

Additionally, Chief Officer Maraka disclosed that the water supply will also benefit the nearby Nabei community which has similarly grappled with water scarcity despite being within the Lodwar Municipality.

In the period leading to the current breakthrough, the area was served through delivery of water via water trucks. During the same period, the department conducted an assessment of the existing pipeline network for further extensions and unclogging.

“As promised by CECM Faith Aletea, the new borehole is part of the permanent solution,” Chief Officer Maraka insisted.

With the new development, residents of Nabei, Methewan and Juluk are expected to get water from their taps in the next three weeks.