Migori first lady Dr Agnes Ochillo awarding cows to youth groups

Special groups in Migori County have all reasons to smile following the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) partnership with the county government of Migori to economically empower them.

The partnership aims at boosting the groups that were badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic which killed at least 5000 people in Kenya.

The partnership is driven through the county government’s special programs and external partnership of the county’s first lady foundation, Mama Agnes Ochilo Foundation.

Gracing the launch, Dr Agnes Ochilo marks the genesis of ensuring that the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, who are living below the poverty lines are economically uplifted.

The first lady said that it is her commitment to ensuring that the groups benefit from the partnership,

In addition, she notes her urge to ensure that the youth, women and other vulnerable groups get access to essential socio-economic services.

In her speech, she applauded the county government’s efforts to include all the groups in its budget to ensure inclusivity for a developed future.

“Special thanks to our governor for creating a conducive environment that has seen several development partners joining us in this fight of uplifting the living standards of our people above the poverty levels,” said Dr Agnes Ochillo.


A total of 22 groups benefitted from the partnership which awarded poultry, water tanks, dairy cattle and tents for hire.

Starlet Oduor, Chief Officer of the Department of Special Programs in the county said that the aim of such a partnership is to empower the group by giving the groups sources of income.

“Today, we are privileged to award support commodities to the groups that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” she said.

“However, she continued, “We are looking forward to increasing the number of groups so that more groups can see the benefits of such partnerships.”

 “The United Nations development program in coordination with the county government of Migori has partnered to map out the vulnerable groups that were badly hit with COVID-19 in an attempt to economically rejuvenate them,” Starlet added.

According to UNDP and the stakeholders, the program will be visiting all the Sub Counties in Migori while rolling out different commodities to the groups.

Michael Ouma, the chairperson of people living with disabilities in Migori County, noted that it is a dream come true for such special groups which benefitted from the support.

“We are sincerely grateful that the first lady has taken such a bold step to honour us with such great support.

This show that they are greatly concerned about our livelihood,” said Ouma.

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