Ms Zilper Bett, a well wisher donates assorted goodies to the elderly in Busia. PHOTO:OKONGO ODUYA,KTMN

In Kenya, it is a challenge for the elderly when it comes to taking care of them.

Most of the senior citizens in Kenya are forgotten by their loved ones and worse if they never had children. It was a relief to the St. Catherine’s home of the aged in Mundika- Matayos, Busia County after they received goodies from a well-wisher, Ms Zilper Bett.

The elders received sugar, soap, and other foodstuffs from Busia-based business people, challenging the community to accommodate them as they have nobody to look after them.

Busia Elderly receive assorted donations from well wisher Zilper Bett. PHOTO:OKONG’O ODUYA,KTMS

“We have 121 elders in this home. We have dedicated ourselves to looking after them so that they can have a decent life in their old age. The majority of them were not blessed to have children, so they didn’t have someone to look after them, some were chased away from their homes and with nowhere to go, we accommodated them. On top of what we give them we also rely on well-wishers to help us get something to keep them going.”

Sister Monica Oduor, a caregiver

She accused the government of failing to consider a lot of the aged in the community on the cash transfer program adding that those living at home in Munduka hardly benefit from the program.

“We had registered all the 121 elders in our custody on the cash transfer program but as we speak only five are receiving the cash, the rest, their money stopped coming sometime back and it is a setback to them. They don’t have family members to look after them, some had married but they were chased from their homes leaving them with nothing and that money is the only thing they depend on as their pocket money,”

Sister Monica Owuor

Sister Monica added, “I would also suggest let the government find a way cash will be taken to those who can’t walk to the banks to collect the money, we have those who are bedridden, they can’t move but are beneficiaries of the program.”

Her sentiments were echoed by Ms Zilper Bett adding that the elderly people are suffering within the community without someone to help them but through the cash transfer program we have seen the elderly people living a decent life.

“It is true that elderly people are suffering within the community. Without food and proper medication and someone to look after them, they die miserably. But through such initiatives and cash transfer programs, we are sure that they will live well.”

Ms Zilper Bett, well wisher

She appealed for the government to be releasing the money on time to enable them to meet their needs.

“It is also our joy to see that the money gets to these people on time. Those mandated to release the money should do so timely because it is through the cash some of them buy food and drugs,” she noted


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