Marachi Central Member of County Assembly Mr Shadrack Masinde addressing traders at Bukhalalire Market. PHOTO:OKONG’O ODUYA

Livestock traders in the Marachi Central ward in Busia County will no longer be traveling to other wards to sell their livestock after the livestock market at Bukhalalire market is officially opened.

According to the traders, the majority are elders, who have been walking for longer distances to sell their livestock at Bumala market in Marachi West ward in Busia county.

“As you can see, age limits me from walking for long distances to sell and buy livestock, but now that the market is near, I am capable of walking for a short distance to sell or buy livestock. I have been in this business for a long time and It is time to trade close to my home.”

Jackline Odete Odeo, livestock trader.

Arnest Obonyo another trader said that it is only in the Marachi West ward in the county that was lacking a livestock market but “launching of the market is near for me to conduct my operations without walking for a longer distance.”

“I sell fish at Bumala, Murumba, and Oloo markets which are a bit far, but with the introduction of this market there is an additional market opportunity to tap.”

Beatrice Onyango a fish trader at Bukhalalire Market

To equip the market with the necessary infrastructure the area Member of the County Assembly of Busia Shadrack Masinde, while addressing the traders, promised to connect the market with electricity to light up the market and welcome other income-generating activities.

“In my budget, I am going to set aside some money to install the transformer on this market to light up this market. It will also open up other business opportunities such as welding and photocopying among other businesses,” said Mr Masinde.

The MCA challenged the Departments of Lands and Trade for failing to collect garbage from markets across the Marachi Central ward, terming it as a “health hazard” to the traders operating from the markets.

“Markets in Marachi Central are paying a lot of money to the county government in the form of revenue, but we don’t see the value for the money. It has been months since we have not seen anybody collecting the garbage on our markets. When we ask the Department of Trade what is happening they tell you they want to consult the Department of Land, you are taken in circles and eventually, you give up.”

Shadrack Masinde, Area MCA

Masinde noted that he will request the Department of Trade not to collect revenue from the market for a period of one month until the market stabilizes adding that, “someone should not come here to collect money from the traders here until they offer services that are required.”


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