Majority of Members of County Assembly in Kilifi and Tana River Counties failed to retain their seats in what residents termed as poor performance.

In the two counties, 90 percent of MCAs were shown the door by voters giving room to a new crop of leaders that residents feel will understand their roles and help develop their respective counties.

In Kilifi County, residents said that the former MCAs failed in their oversight roles hence exposing the county to rampant corruption and mismanagement of resources by the executive.

Mr. Rodgers Kathoya, a resident of Ganda ward said that his former MCA failed to push for development in his ward making the executive defer development projects that had been sanctioned by residents during public participation in the budget making process.

Each of the 35 wards in Kilifi County enjoys Sh. 25 million ward development fund and another Sh. 10 million education scholarship fund which are managed by the executive while MCAs act as patrons.

Residents claim that the bursaries were being awarded without following laid down procedures and ended up benefiting friends and cronies of the MCAs and those who were lucky to get some had to bribe their way.

“Like in my place in Ganda, the bursaries were being given to those who bribe yet they were meant for bright but needy learners. We had no reason to retain such a leader,” said Mr. Kathoya.

He called on the new crop of MCAs to work with the new Governor Gideon Mung’aro to develop the county.

His sentiments were echoed by Mr. Morris Gona from Kakuyuni ward who said that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party wave resulted in the election of unworthy leaders but in this year’s party nominations they ensured that only credible leaders sailed through.

“The ODM wave messed us in 2017 because during that time the party held shambolic nominations where hecklers who positioned themselves near the party leadership were handed direct nominations but this time round voters made their choice,” he said.

In the last County assembly, ODM ruled the house and had 29 out of the 35 MCAs but this year the party managed only 18 MCAs.

In Tana River, embattled County Assembly speaker Michael Justin Nkaduda said that the former MCAs were not attentive and were driven with the desire to get money hence never bothered to oversight the executive.

“I wanted to introduce live coverage at the assembly but they refused because they knew they were lazy but I believe the new crop are focused and will deliver in their mandate,” he said.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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