I am deeply saddened to bring to your attention that our beloved immediate former Rongo University president, Michael Ngala, has passed away in a tragic road accident in Awendo.

Ngala was an exemplary leader and an inspirational figure for the students of Rongo University.

He had been actively involved in university affairs since his appointment as student president two years ago and was instrumental in initiating several reforms on campus which improved the overall quality of life for all students at Rongo University.

Ngala’s passing is not only a huge loss to us but also to the entire nation who benefited from his leadership skills, courage and determination during times of crisis or difficulty.

His untimely demise has left behind a void that will be difficult to fill; however we must strive forward with greater resolve than ever before so as not forget what he stood for – service above self!

It is my sincere hope that everyone remembers him fondly, cherishes their memories with him forevermore and keep alive his legacy by continuing upon the path he set forth while serving as our student president at Rongo University; this way we can ensure that even though physically gone from us now – Ngala will always live on through each one of us!



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