President Ruto launching Nyabonanse- Kumumwamu Road (K.West)-image 2, Nyarach - Rangwe Road (Rongo)-image 3and Senta-Remagoko Phase 1 Road (K. East). Photo; Peter Ologi,KTMN

Migori county residents have all reasons to smile following President Ruto’s visit to the county.

The president’s two-day visit to the region could be a turning point for the road infrastructure in the county following the launch of several road networks in Migori.

During the tour, where he commissioned four road networks in Migori County, the president said that his aim is to fasten the movement of people and goods in the region.

This is in addition to fastening the exchange of goods at the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

Among the roads launched was the Nyabohanse – Kumumwamu road in Kuria West, which will be upgraded to bitumen standard and performance-based routine maintenance.

The road network will join the Nyankore, Getong’anya and Masaba towns.

He gave an assurance of the project’s completion within a year to fasten the movement of citizens and goods.

“We promise to work with your area representatives in parliament to bring you more development projects,” added the deputy president, Rigathi Gachagua.

The president also cautioned the residents to desist from activities that destroy the resources, specifically roads.

He also warned the residents to wake up from being gullible by the leaders whose only agenda is to hoodwink them in the wrong direction, hence being left behind in terms of development.

The road projects

Nyamtiro- Remagoto road upgrading upon completion, the state-owned project will leave a total of 27 roads upgraded to bitumen standards in Kuria East, funded by the road maintenance levy fund.

The upgrading of the Nyarach – Nyaburu – Oboke – Rangwe road network to bitumen is designed to ensure that sugarcane farmers in Rongo easily access the market.

The president however urged the residents to embrace the developments despite securing just a portion of votes in the region.

“I am aware that I didn’t get many votes in this region but am determined to ensure that you people feel part of this government for progressive and transformation agenda,” he said.

The presidential visit to Kisii and Migori County marks his third visit to the Nyanza region in less than three months.

His series of visits has left political opinion leaders discussing the intent of such visits in Raila Odinga’s political backyard.

Ruto was accompanied by his deputy Rigathi Gachagua and the prime cabinet secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

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