Suna West Member of Parliament Peter Masara has called the on government and the Ministry of Education to save the face of the education system in the country.

The legislature has been at the forefront when it comes to matters of education, has outlined that the current dwindling state of education in the country needs immediate intervention by the government.

The Member of Parliament cited that despite the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) being rolled out a year ago, there is nothing to account for its progress.

Under staffing and limited infrustructure

Masara cited that to date, there are no established learning laboratories in primary schools for grade seven learners.

This is in addition to a lack of properly trained teachers to take learners through the new curriculum. 

“If you go to these schools where CBC learners are, they still have no qualified teachers to take them through the new curriculum. Current teachers are also not at par with the current system as they were not initially trained for the task they are handling,” said the lawmaker.

Masara said that the idea of retaining learners in the primary section has greatly hampered their progress.

He notes that for instance, a single-streamed secondary school has a minimum of nine teachers hence, the government needed not to employ for the sake of CBC but instead, the already available teacher be added one more lesson.

“Secondary schools have already established laboratories, although they will be overstretched but there is a starting point as opposed to the current situation,” he explained.

Misplaced priorities

Concurrently, he was adamant that CBC was supposed to be domiciled in secondary schools where there were already built CBC classrooms and there was a presence of laboratories even if they would have been overstretched. 

The Member of Parliament also brought to light the struggles most schools are going through to keep learners in schools as the government is yet to release funds for the last term and this concluding term.

He notes that with the current economic turmoil, principals are sending learners home now and then because they cannot run school without money.

Delay of Capitation Fund

Adding to their miseries, most of the suppliers to these schools are yet to be paid and hence they have halted their supplies.

He notes that some principals are forced to stay away from school compounds to evade suppliers who are on their neck for payments

The legislator now calls on the government to act and save the state of education, parents and principals from their miseries.

He warns that it is enough for the board room meeting and hence it is time for action.

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