Busia County Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto addressing the Press at his Office. PHOTO: OKONG’O ODUYA, KTMN

The Busia jobless youth, a criminal gang has been put on police radar following a spate of insecurity witnessed in the border town in the recent past.

Busia county commissioner Mr Kipchumba Ruto has sent a warning to the gang members noting that police had launched a manhunt for the criminals and “will not rest until every member is brought to book.

According to the administrator, the gang members have defied police order to surrender after the elapse of a seven day notice and police had been forced to hunt them down.

Jobless gang has been associated with a spate of criminal activities in Busia and neighboring towns.

“Busia County has experienced calmness except for Busia town where goons have tried to dominate with their criminal enterprise. Last week we gave them seven days notice to surrender but they have blatantly refused and instead continue to carry out a spate of robberies within the town.They have now resorted to seeking back up from Uganda to carry out criminal acts in Kenya. I want to let them know that we are going for them, we will flash them out.”

Busia County Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto

He revealed that they have arrested nine members of the group and they are being expected in court upon completing investigations.

“The police entered their hideout and managed to get some goods believed to have been stolen from the members of the public and other crude weapons. In the process, we also managed to arrest nine members of the illegal Marachi-based jobless group and they will be arraigned in court to face charges,” he noted

The county commissioner assured the Busia residents that they are pursuing group leadership to end their criminal activities in the county.

“We are pursuing their leaders we are aware that some have moved out of Busia some are in Uganda but we are working with our Ugandan counterparts to help us arrest them and bring them back.”

He  however dismissed reports that one police officer was killed by protesters on Friday evening, adding that they are yet to receive any reports of dead police officers in the line of duty within the county.

Kipchumba Ruto

He promised that the police will not sit back while the properties of people are damaged and looted by criminals within the town.

This comes at a time when four secondary schools within Busia municipality closed due to the protests that have been going on in the town.

St Joseph girls primary and Junior Secondary School, St Matthews Boys high school, Burumba Primary, and secondary schools, Our Lady of Mercy girls secondary and Lukonyi Boys Primary and Township primary schools have been closed indefinitely to prevent learners from being caught between the demonstrators and the police.


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