NRA Party delegates during election of party officials at Busia Polytechnic. Busia senator Okiya Omtata was named the party leader. PHOTO:OKONG’O ODUYA,KTMN

Busia senator Mr Okiya Omtatah was settled on as the National Reconstruction Alliance Party (NRA) Chairperson until the next national delegates council meeting.

According to the Party chairman Mr Fredric Munuku, who was elected unopposed as party chairman during the NDC, the position of the party leader was not in the party’s constitution.

“As a party, there is still a lot that we need to do ahead of us. We will have to battle with some of them until we make them right. But I am happy to announce that the position of Party leader has been given to Busia senator Mr Okiya Omtatah. People have been calling him party leader to enrich themselves. The post was not in our constitution but today we have made amendments to our party constitution and created the position of party leader. with Mr Halid Alli Mohammed as his deputy,” said Mr Munuku

Addressing party delegates at Busia Polytechnic ground over the weekend Mr Munuku promised to bring sanity and order to the party after wrangles emerged among the party leadership in previous years.

NRA party officials after they were elected in office. PHOTO:OKONG’O ODUYA,KTMN

“I want to assure you that as of today we are bringing sanity and order to the party. There has been confusion before created by some selfish leaders in the party but that has come to an end. Those who will go to Kakamega to attend what other people are organizing, let them be informed that I am not worried. I have read the party constitution and everything I am doing, it is done in line with our constitution and political party’s act and anyone who has any legal ground to oppose what we are doing, let us meet in court,” he explained.

He assured the party delegates and members that in 2027 elections NRA will be one of the parties in Kenya that is going to produce many grassroots leaders as possible, calling upon the delegates to traverse the country and popularize the party.

“I also believe that in 2027 elections this is going to be one of the parties in this country that is going to produce as many grassroots leaders as possible. Go to the four corners of this country and popularize this party. And for the youths who are being used to cause chaos, you should stop doing that. Create time and sit with the authority both National and the county government and address the issues that may be affecting you.” He stated

While giving his speech after he was elected as the party Secretary General Mr Joseph Barasa promised to work with other elected party leaders to propel the party to greater heights.

“This is a very demanding office with a lot of responsibilities, but with the help of the newly elected National Executive Council (NEC) members and the proactive leadership of the chairman Mr Munuku, I purpose to work closely with other party leaders to steer our party to national recognition, influence and membership,” he noted

Mr Barasa took over from Mr Paul Amemba who has held the position of secretary general since the formation of the party.


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