Head of Government Delivery service Ms Agnes Odhiambo with Migori County Commissioner David Gitonga during the inspection of Oyani Water Supply last mile connectivity. PHOTO: PETER OLOGI,KTMN

Government Delivery Services (GDS) in Migori County has inspected three on-going projects to ascertain their progress to help the nation realise its economic agendas.

Mr David Gitonga, the County Commissioner said that the Oyani Water Supply-last mile connectivity, Lichota Airstrip and the Masara-Sori road needed to be finalised to effectively serve the residents.

Mr Gitonga said that Lichota airstrip had become one the busiest airstrips in the Nyanza region by connecting and serving the tourism sector in Kenya and Tanzania.

“This airstrip so has been the fastest-growing airstrip in the region and we have seen its management being committed to its prosperity since its launch in 2022,” said Gitonga.

The County Commissioner said that the adjacency of the airstrip to neighboring Tanzania has made it the most preferable for tourists who want to visit the interior of Kenya. 

Head of Government Delivery Service Ms Agnes Odhiambo during the inspection of Lichota Airstrip in Suna West Sub County.PHOTO:PETER OLOGI,KTMN

Tourists heading to the world’s popular tourists destinations- Maasai Mara and Serengeti Game Parks and, the World’s heritage archaeological site in Migori – Thim Lich Ohinga – will have an opportunity to use the improved airstrip and enjoy the fastest means to reach their destinations in Migori and Tanzania.

The administrator noted that the airstrip project will be completed when a hangar projected to cost around 150 Million is erected to provide flight schedules.

“We do not have scheduled daily and weekly flights because we have no hangar in our airstrip”, noted the administrator.

He also acknowledged that the 11 Kilometer stretch section of the Masara-Sori Road project of the 41 Km remained uncompleted.

The 1.5B road contract was awarded in 2018 but the commencement of the road project started in 2019.

The expected road project completion period was 2021 but the contractor’s progress was affected by the restrictions issued by the government to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Rainfall experienced in the area, the delay of payments as well as delays in the relocation of the power poles were other factors that led to the time-lapse of the road project.     

He pointed out that the government was eager to complete the projects to ensure that they serve their purpose as well as benefit the residents.

The GDS team project verification led by Ms Agnes Odhiambo seeks to help the nation realize its economic transformation agenda through monitoring and evaluation.


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