A section of bodaboda parked at Namba Stage in Migori town. Political tension has seen many displaced from their original stages as they accuse politicians of having a hand in their wrangles.

Migori Boda Boda Operators leadership has called upon The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to investigate Migori politicians and aspirants who are using the boda boda sector to create disharmony.

This comes in after heated political differences stirred violent chaos at the Namba boda boda stage, leading to conflicts among the riders from different political divides.

A section of boda boda operators has been chasing other boda boda riders who are not allied to their political stand from their stages, accusing them of sabotaging certain aspirants’ campaigns.

Michael Onditi, the Managing Director of Migori Bodaboda operators said that there is a fraction of aspirants, especially from Suna West Constituency who are creating friction among the boda boda operators.

” There are some politicians here in Suna West, who have been giving handouts to specific groups of boda boda to create friction between us. We request them to stop,” warned Onditi.

Onditi However decried that their attempts to get justice from the police have been thwarted as they lack a proper channel to voice their injustices

He cited out that they don’t have active boda boda SACCO groups as most of their members are not registered.

“When the aggrieved boda boda go to report at the police station they have no voice back them because they do not have a SACCO to help articulate their grievances.” Noted Onditi.

Felix Otieno the Manager of Maendeleo Boda Boda SACCO Migori County pointed out the existence of different fractions in the stage makes it easy for the politicians to sways their members into chaos.

Otieno added that the majority of the boda boda operators in the county are not registered under Saccos, a reason he says politicians have exploited for their agenda. 

He noted that by their members joining Saccos groups, politicians will be forced to approach SACCO’s leadership rather than individuals.

Noting the advantages of joining a Sacco, he urged all the boda boda operators to join SACCOs to reap its benefits as it is the only body that is recognized by the government in terms of funding.

“Through these SACCOs, we will help our members to do away with ignorance in the sector, especially on traffic rules and regulations enabling us to save more lives that would otherwise be lost,” he recounted.

The boda boda operators were challenged to embrace saving by Samuel Mudavadi, the Supervision Manager for Migori Maendeleo Boda Boda SACCO in Migori Town.

Mudavadi emphasised that most operators have been doing boda operations without the right procedures and good leadership especially when it comes to handling their funds.

 He said that the SACCOs should help the boda boda to empower themselves economically rather than create political fractions amongst themselves. 

Mudavadi pointed out that the political will of each boda boda person should be differentiated from the boda boda business. 

“We do not wish to see your friends being kicked out of their boda boda stage because of political intolerance,” concluded Mudavadi.

However, Migori police are yet to respond to the operator’s claims as they are yet to receive an official recorded statement from the assaulted boda boda operators.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of https://www.ktmn.co.ke KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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