As the Inua Jamii program embarks on its second phase of registration nationwide, Suna West legislator, Peter Masara has encouraged vulnerable citizens to uptake the ongoing Inua Jamii registration.

The Member of Parliament was speaking at St Alberts Dip primary where he commissioned a four-classroom-storey building to boost the learning activities in the recently built school.

He urged the public who have been demonizing the program, alleging it to be a secret way of transferring voters from one political party to the other without their knowledge.

“I am here as your representative to inform you that this is a noble course which aims to cushion vulnerable members of the public from the hard economic burden,” he said.

Masara said that as area representative, he will be available to oversee the whole exercise that will take place at the Assistant County Commissioner’s office on September 15, 2023.

Suna West MP Peter Masara officially commissioning the newly built classrooms at St Alberts’ Dip Primary School. Photo by Ian Byron; KTMN

The Inua Jamii Program is a national government program that cushions the elderly, disabled and orphans by offering funds to help them mitigate the scorching economy.

“I have travelled all the way to come and inform you about this noble process that aims to help the vulnerable citizens, a sign that I truly care for your welfare,” he added.

He urged potential beneficiaries to make their documents which include national identifications and birth certificates in order for them to qualify for the program.

The MP said that the program happens every five years and will take long before the next phase, therefore, encouraging all the potential beneficiaries not to hesitate when the program commences.

He called on the guardians who have difficulties in taking care of orphans to embrace the golden opportunity which will reduce the burden for them in terms of provision of basic needs.

Masara, however, warned that one must fall within the categories; of being aged 70 years and above, being an orphan or disabled in one way or the other.

He furthered that the vetting would be done by a team from the national government offices, putting a disclaimer not to be blamed in any case of failure to succeed.

“One thing to note, my office does not register people. Mine is to inform you of the places where the said activities will take place for you to make arrangements,” he uttered.

However, he promised to facilitate the movement of the elderly to the registration zones calling on the clan elders to work together to coordinate the whole process.

The MP also called on those who will benefit from the program to work extra hard since the program will only provide for part of their needs.

He also called on those who live with disabled children to ensure that they go to the public schools, saying that education is the only equalizer for all the social classes.

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