Upcoming young artists from a remote Mitangoni area in Kilifi County on Thursday pleaded with well-wishers to support their talent by building them a production studio because their makuti-thatched house is demoralizing.

The artist group known as Yamey Gang with 5 groups of young boys and girls under ten years has embraced the introduction of Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) in schools, which focuses on identifying and nurturing talents at an early age in order to exploit the learners’ potential.

Yamey Gang members from Mitangoni in Kilifi County dancing to their music with a loyal fan who visited them on Thursday Photo By Treeza Auma

 Led by Eric Chibagoi alias Producer Narix, Yamey Gang provides a platform where young talented artists are able to produce their music at no or cheaper cost.

“We have very talented young musicians and so far we have recorded 18 songs which we uploaded on   YouTube. I have been the producer throughout charging them no single coin. I took the initiative of supporting these young stars because they have the content, passion and talent in music,” Chibagoi said.

According to Chibagoi the main challenge the group is facing is lack of quality equipment to facilitate music production.

“My group and I have the skills but we lack modern equipment. We do not have a camera which is an essential tool in production, the reason why I record using my mobile phone which is not able to produce quality work,” Chibagoi added.

He called upon well wishers to equip them with a production studio and improve their equipment so as to provide a conducive environment for the artists.

“For renovation and purchase of the required equipments we have come up with an approximate budget of Ksh.350, 000. We aim at nurturing as many talents as possible in Kilifi County,” he said.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, one of Yamey Gang’s loyal fanatics Ben Kai who visited the group commended them while applauding the producer for identifying and nurturing talents of young upcoming artists.

“Congratulations producer Narix on identifying and nurturing   these talents.  As a leader I will provide support because this initiative serves as an implementation of the new education system which is aimed at empowering learners and improving their knowledge and skills in different fields of studies,” Kai said.

Kai called upon well-wishers to join him in supporting the group in order to achieve their dreams despite the remote background.

Chibagoi said he started the group with a 10-year-old boy who was later joined by the existing members, a likely indication that with the required support the team will be empowered to grow the economy.He emphasized that the young stars have embraced the opportunity as a building block to their academics having promised their parents to proceed with their studies without taking music as a scapegoat to their class work.

With the rising number of artists in the current competitive music industry the world has gone digital thus becoming a major setback to Yamey Gang artists who are struggling to produce quality music due to lack of equipment.  

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of https://www.ktmn.co.ke KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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