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Now is the time when the prophecies of Revelation and the secrets of heaven have been clearly revealed – which the whole world has been eagerly waiting for. And the reality of these words is being testified and spread worldwide to all mankind through the Shincheonji online seminars.

The pastors worldwide have acknowledged that God and the word of life are at Shincheonji Church of Jesus, numerous churches and theology schools have signed MOUs to become one in Shincheonji Church of Jesus and the Word.

The words of Revelation, which no one in heaven or on earth could understand in Rv. 5, can only come out from Shincheonji; this is because the one who ate the opened book of Rv. 10, Chairman Lee Man-Hee, of Shincheonji Church of Jesus is here. He is a living witness who stood beside Jesus and saw and heard the physical entities of Jesus’ parables of heaven and all mysteries of Revelation and their reality. He is the one and only promised pastor promised by God and Jesus in the Bible. If one is a believer who truly loves God and hopes in heaven, then he will know that receiving the revealed word from the promised pastor and believing in it is the path of a true life of faith.

This is the content from Revelation chapters 1 to 7 with you today.

God is the Creator who made all things in heaven and on earth. However, God had to leave this world due to the betrayal of one of his creations. After that, God sent His messengers in every era to make known the will of the heavens, but all the messengers who were sent on earth were killed. God’s son Jesus came at the First Coming. Jesus said, “It is finished,” then left after prophesying what will be fulfilled at the Second Coming.

What is to be fulfilled at the Second Coming? What will fulfill are the prophecies within the four gospels and the word of Revelation given after Jesus’ ascension. It’s been about 2,000 years since those prophecies were made. It even says in the book of Romans that the creation waits in eager expectation. Now, 2,000 years later today, Jesus has fulfilled the new covenant He promised, which is the Book of Revelation. Although the prophecies have been around for a long time, how many people truly understand and believe in these words of prophecies? Jesus said, “When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on the earth?” It goes to show how corrupt the condition of believers on earth would be when Jesus returns.

John, a disciple of Jesus, saw the content of Revelation in a vision and recorded it. So, this Revelation that was recorded was Jesus’ Revelation. Then it says that God sent His angel to John and gave him the command to make known to his servants what must soon take place, and according to what the angel commanded, John testified to everything he saw to the servants of God.

However, at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, this John is not around anymore. When the prophecies are fulfilled, someone like John appears. Just as John saw and recorded the vision, this person who appears will testify to the fulfilled realities. Since this person who appears to testify comes in the position of John when prophecies fulfill, we will call him, “New John.” That will make it easy to understand, since it’s just like how John saw the vision and recorded it across all the chapters of Revelation.

Jesus appoints the New John, shows him everything, and commands him to work according to what was commanded. He then told John to write down what he saw, what is now, and what will take place later in a book. John was then commanded in Revelation chapter 2 and 3 to send what he wrote down to the seven churches.

The seven messengers were first appointed by Jesus, but Satan’s organization, the Nicolaitans invaded their church. They fed the seven messengers food sacrificed to idols which are the idol teachings and had them commit adultery. The content of the letters was a promise that certain blessings would be given if they repent, fight Satan, and overcome.

New John, after sending the letters, went up to heaven. What do you think he saw there? He saw the throne of God. So, when it says, “After this,” in chapter 4, it’s referring to after having sent the letters in chapters 2 and 3. John was told what would take place after this, and afterwards he was shown the throne in heaven.

What does he see after that? He sees what’s described in chapter 5. There was a scroll, a book in God’s right hand, and it was closed with seven seals. No one knew. Up until now. What did Jesus say when he was on earth at the First Coming? He said he was the only one who’s been up in heaven, and he was also the only one who came from heaven (too) When Revelation is fulfilled, New John is definitely a real person who appears on earth. He hears Jesus’ voice, then sees what’s described in chapters 2 and 3, sends the letters, and then goes up to heaven because he was called up there and he sees even the throne in heaven. I know the throne in heaven, because I saw it, it’s true.

It is written in Psalm 78 to speak in parables regarding the hidden things from old. It even says that Jesus said nothing without using parables. However, Jesus’ disciples came to him and asked why he spoke in parables Jesus then answered, ‘the secrets of the kingdom of heaven are given to you, but not to others. Thus, the words Jesus spoke at the First Coming were parables, words that were hidden, and the book in God’s hand (Revelation) is also recorded in parables, locked up with seven seals, and held tightly in God’s hand.

Jesus takes the scroll from God’s hand. Then starting in chapter 6, he starts to open up the seals. And there’s something notable in chapter 5, in verse 9 and 10. It says that the blood Jesus shed at the First Coming, the blood that was shed, was needed to purchase people to make them to be a kingdom and priests. The blood that Jesus said he would not eat again until His Father’s kingdom comes, in other words, the Passover, which is the work of salvation, was shed for the purpose of creating God’s kingdom and priests, and it is needed at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment. And it’s when His Father’s kingdom comes, Jesus purchases people with the blood he shed, making them into God’s kingdom and priests. Doesn’t it also say in Rv 1:5-6 that the priests have been freed from sin because of Jesus’ blood? This is why Jesus had to shed his blood at the First Coming.

Does something good happen as the seals start to open? No, it was the judgment of the chosen people, but a few remnant seeds remain while everything else comes to its end. During judgment, those who are judged hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. So, what was it like at the time of judgment? It says the stars fell to earth as late figs drop from a fig tree shaken by a strong wind, and the sky receded too. There was judgment in heaven and earth—how great was this judgment? Even the sky and the earth were no longer there. The sun, moon, and stars in the sky darkened and the stars fell. And those who were thrown out from this judgment end up being killed in chapters 8 and 9. I saw this happen which is why I am able to give you this testimony. I know their names, faces, and everything. I am not speaking things that are made up. I’m explaining what happened, the fulfillment of the Bible.

That is how spiritually heaven and the earth, and everything else, were no longer there. It says in Revelation 21 that the first heaven and earth pass away, and the new heaven and new earth are created. The time this is happening is NOW. It is right now. The new heaven and new earth are created. The first heaven and earth pass away, and the new heaven and new earth are created—and this is happening now. Didn’t the previous era come to an end at the time of Noah, and then a new era began? This is what that means. We can refer to Matthew 8:11. The subjects of the kingdom receive judgment and they are thrown outside into the darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. And it’s those who are harvested, from the east, west, north, and south who take their seats in heaven. But Jesus also said there will be many who are last who will become first, and many who are first who will become last. What does it mean that some are first, and some are last?

In our Shincheonji Church, exams are frequently given to check how much one is sealed with the Word. Shouldn’t we be sealed perfectly and write these words of promise in our hearts? Jesus gave us the new covenant, and the new covenant is the Book of Revelation. Anyone who adds or subtracts from this Book of Revelation cannot go to heaven this is the law of heaven. Thus, we must seal this law in our hearts, so much that we can even read it while running, in order to be the people who actually carried out the new covenant. God’s new covenant is explained in Heb 8:7-13. Yes, it is. So, pastors! Are all the events described in Revelation written in your hearts?

Shincheonji Church

What does it say in chapter 7? It says, “After this.”

In Rv. 6, the four living creatures brought judgment; and judgment is referred to as winds. An angel appears and stops the wind from blowing. What does he say? He says not to harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God. He is saying not to judge them. And how was the judgment given in chapter 6? Jesus judged the chosen people through the four living creatures, correct? The army of heaven of the four living creatures were halted, and then the work of sealing began. But is the sealing done on just anyone’s forehead? No, right? In Rv. 14 that the first fruits are sealed in Mt. Zion with the names of God and the Lamb, and they are the 144,000 of the 12 tribes. The 144,000 are the first ripened wheat/ fruits.

We can also think about Matthew 13 regarding this. It says at the time of harvest, those who are born of God’s seed are harvested, but those who are not born of God’s seed remain in their field, their church. But those who remain are tied up in bundles to be burned. Only those who are born of God’s seed are harvested. The ones born of God’s seed, the ripened wheat, are harvested and sealed to be made into the 144,000, God’s 12 tribes. They are God’s kingdom.

The Bible is the same everywhere. What matters is whether you did what the word says or not. A person who acts according to the word of God is someone who has been created according to the Word, right? At the time of Revelation, it is the time of re-creation. It’s not about the old things of the past. People must be re-created with the revealed word. That is how one can be God’s family and a person of the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is not somewhere you naturally go as time goes on or if one passes away. Shouldn’t we always follow God’s word whether we live or die? It is only God’s word, the food for eternal life, that can give us eternal life as we belong to God. The devil gives his own food too, which is the wine of adultery, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Food from God is the flesh and blood of Jesus, and his words are the food that endures eternal life. The word is life itself, so a person who does not have the Word doesn’t have life either. Jesus said that anyone who keeps God’s word, Jesus’ word, will not taste death. He’s referring to eternal life.

Let us all go to heaven. Let us teach our congregation correctly too. There is only one Bible, and there is only one God. There’s only one kingdom of God, not two. Why are there so many religions in the world? That’s against God’s teaching. This is the new era of Revelation’s fulfillment, and it is the new heaven and new earth—there is only one. This is how we can enter the kingdom of heaven, and God and heaven in the spiritual realm will all come down too. If you understand this, let us all be one within God, let us “eat” God’s word, the food of life, be loyal and faithful to God, and fulfill our duty as His children.

I’ll finish sharing God’s word here. And please contact us if you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to learn more about. I will be more than happy to receive your questions and answer them. Wouldn’t that be good? We are one, not two. We also promised to be one within God at the World Peace Summit. I’ll say “we are one” so that we truly can become one.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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