Former Migori governor Okoth Obado with other leaders during a press briefing. Photo; Peter Ologi, KTMN

Migori leaders who ditched Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party for United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party now allege that the current UDA wave will wipe ODM pigments in the Nyanza region.

The politicians come-leaders under UDA party are en route to popularise the ruling party on the opposition turf, aiming to recruit those with wavering hope over the dominant party in the region, ODM.

To maximise party popularise and more delegation, the UDA party through its Nyanza coordinators has embarked on a recruitment drive to mobilize residents to join the party.

A recent registration drive was held in Awendo Sub County led by Jared Kopiyo, the former area Member of Parliament.

Kopiyo who is also the chairperson for South Nyanza Sugar Company said that the process is meant to mobilize Migori County residents to join United Democratic United (UDA) party.

“We are going to move to all the Sub Counties in Migori to register as many as possible,” Kopiyo said.

Kopiyo added that their aim in the recruitment process is to register at least 200,000 people as members of UDA party in Migori.

He hoped for a faster rollout of the mass recruitment process saying that the process will be done and dusted in the next one month.

 “We have suffered while trying to achieve political pluralism and I hope that this move will help us attain this, particularly in Migori County,” he added.

While gracing the occasion, Evans Kidero, the Chief Administrative Secretary said that the registration process was in line with the president’s national unity agenda.

“This process is in line with the president’s agenda to unite everyone for a national transformation for growth and development,’ said the CAS.

Kopiyo however, rubbished claims that the move is an ill-fated tactic to weaken Raila Odinga’s political stronghold, saying that UDA is only taking its space to compete fairly with all parties in the region.

He said that it is now upon all political parties to pull up their socks to be able to compete favorably with UDA which is becoming a tsunami.

“All parties must exist in a plural democracy and for us, it is a matter of increase g our standards by making UDA party bigger, serious and better to accommodate everyone,” he said.

The leaders who sought political refuge in UDA have attested President William Ruto’s agenda of national representation in his cabinet, an assurance of his willingness to serve all Kenyans.

An all-rewarding leadership

While referring to his appointment as the national chairperson of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Edick Anyanga said that it is now time to open hands for development and not politics.

The former Nyatike Member of Parliament added that it is time for the Luo Nation to be democratic enough to appreciate President William Ruto’s efforts to ensure inclusivity.

“I want to call upon all our brothers and sisters to make a political about turn and embrace development that will only come through us,” he said.

The leaders also reminded the residents to start embracing President Ruto for a second term following his rewards to them despite their low number of votes.

“The president has decided to reward us despite the low number of votes he got from this region. This should ring an alarm for us to embrace him for his second term, said Rebecca Maroa, chairperson for Lake Basin Development Authority.

On the other hand, Okoth Obado, the former governor of Migori County said that joining UDA will give them a larger democratic space.

Obado who once served on ODM ticket to the gubernatorial seat, said that his decision to join the party was due to the dissatisfaction by the handpicking of leaders by ODM which undermines democracy.

Rebecca Maroa, the chairperson for the Lake Basin Development Authority.

Blame games or genuine concerns

Like a divorced couple, the leaders have blamed the ODM party for micromanagement of members referring to how they were at one point assured of support which turned out to be a goose chase.

Former Migori Member of Parliament, John Pesa who decried the bureaucratic deals that undermines democratic processes in ODM.

He referred to the 2013 general elections, accusing the party of using unclear circumstances to give his then competitor, Junnet Mohammed ODM ticket.

He also referred to the 2022 elections where the same happened when ODM issued a direct ticket to Ochilo Ayacko who is now the governor of Migori County.

Kopiyo whose tribulations started after being sent off the chairmanship of Migori County Public Service Board said that the process also aims at achieving political pluralism that now lacks in the county.

Pesa said that he is not afraid of his moves to joining UDA which he wants to use to advocate for justice for his supporters.

“There is no question about me joining the party because I am here to find refuge for my supporters who want justice,” he said.

Ending political monopoly

The leaders said that their move is to put an end to the political bureaucracy by encouraging the political pluralism and to speak out loudly for those facing the effects but are weak to speak.

He confessed that UDA is now his political home for the rest of his political life and promised to use the party to solicit development for Migori County.

Dorothy Otieno, the wife to former Rongo Member of Parliament Dalmas Otieno said that UDA is a home for all leaders.

Speaking on behalf of his husband she reiterated that the massive pullout from ODM should be a national sign of end times for the party.

She accused the party leadership of failing to use the monopoly and that UDA is now here to make them learn its mistake and take over.

Her accusations were also echoed by Odoyo Owidi who said that the UDA is taking its rightful position by possessing what belongs to it.

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