The Migori county government on Wednesday came into sharp criticism for poor planning of Migori town during a requiem mass for a deadly accident days ago.

Family members of 11 victims of the grisly road accident on April 8 said the unfortunate accident was the fifth to happen in the town.

The families decried that despite the numerous road carnages in the town, there has been no effort to plan the town.

Speaking at the requiem mass at Migori County stadium, the bereaved said they were mentally and psychologically traumatized by the carnage that claimed their family members.

“We need pedestrian walkways in the town. The county government should crack the whip on the careless parking of Matatus and motorcycles in town,” said Zachariah Asiago, a brother to the late Gideon Ogeti.

They expressed their concerns that similar accidents may soon take place if a quick response shall not be taken by the concerned authority.

Governor Ochilo Ayacko said that they would work together with the national government to ensure that they mitigate road accidents that have become so rampant on the A1 road.

“We want an emergency measure taken to have bumps erected on those roads so that if any truck will lose its breaks, perhaps it will not cause such an accident,” said Ochilo.

The governor vowed to have all business people doing trade along the road moved to alternative places to allow pedestrian pathways along the highway.

He also promised that his administration would give them alternative trading areas to ensure that they continue with their business uninterrupted.

The requiem mass was held for eight bodies led by Reverend Reuben Katite of ACK Diocese of Malindi.

Two bodies, however, are still at Migori County Referral Hospital morgue awaiting identification while one had been buried on April 9 according to Muslim customs.

County Secretary Oscar Olima said they had brought in pathologists to help them identify the bodies of the accident victims.

Olima also asked residents to help in the identification of the two unclaimed bodies.

“We, however, are still preserving other two unidentified bodies of middle-aged male victims while our engagements with pathologists to identify the bodies are on,” Olima said.

The county government bore the cost of the requiem mass and clearance of mortuary bills

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