Tourism ventures in the Vipingo area in Kilifi County are set for a boost after the introduction of Sky Diving events in the area that has seen tourist numbers balloon.

The new product entails diving off a plane at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level and then landing by parachute at the pristine Vipingo Ridge beach.

A tourist who spoke to journalists said that it was his first time to skydive in Kenya and described the experience as wonderful.

Cameron Patter from Australia has been skydiving for five years but he said that the Kenyan experience, a first of its kind will always remain in his mind.

“My Experience Ski diving in Kenya is the first thing I know is the beautiful people, several people coming for this event from all over the world,” he said.

He added that the atmosphere at Vipingo Ridge was tough but friendly to skydivers hence he will encourage his friends around the world to also visit and experience the magic.

A local Sky Diving company going by the name Go Jump Kenya organized the Kilifi Riviera Kenyan Boogie where ski divers can jump at the Vipingo beach and the Vipingo Ridge golf club which has been marked as the currently existing drop zone in Kenya that offers an ultimate experience of the spectacular view of the ocean from the skies.

The director of Go Jump Kenya said that the sport is open to everyone and that for newcomers, professional instructors will be handy to assist.

The Boogie is done in partnership with the county Government of Kilifi which is promoting the Kenyan Riviera Kilifi marketing platform for tourism and Vipingo Ridge.

“We are hosting an International Ski Diving event with Reload organizers and ski divers from all over the world and the event has attracted many tourists who want to experience sky diving in Kenya,” she said.

Alex Horsey, the Chief Executive Officer of Vipingo Ridge Kilifi experienced his first jump in tandem, with an experienced instructor and described it as an amazing experience.

Horsey said that he was happy to partner with Go Jump Kenya to host the Boogie during the festive season terming it a new product being offered for tourism in the skies.

“I am going to jump from the sky today so it’s very exciting to see what we have to offer in the sky,” he said.

He added that they got tourists from all over the world visiting Vipingo Ridge to experience the amazing Kilifi and the Boogie is an added product that will promote the sector to greater heights.

The CEO called on tourists from all over the world to visit Kilifi and experience what is in the skies during this festive season.

Omar Alhegelan, an international Ski Diver and multiple world champion from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) thanked Go Jump Kenya for organizing the Boogie in the incredible place where they can see the beautiful pristine beaches, Golf course and area around Vipingo Ridge.

“The vision going forward is to bring as many participants and grow the event more, we keep it growing at a level that we can keep it, for skydivers the number one importance is safety as long as we keep everything safe, we can continue we can grow and we can see this event not only with dozens of people but we can see 50, a hundred and even more,” he said.

He said they have had good support from Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro and the Minister for Tourism and hope to see the event growing to greater heights.

Brandy Wanjue who organizes the bookings said that she ensures clients are taken through the required process of weight checking and ensuring that they are fit for jumping then introduces them to the instructors for briefing.

“Once our clients are ready, they are taken to Vipingo Ridge that’s where our airplane is, it takes off goes to an altitude of 10,000 feet and then they jump out,” she said.

After Jumping off the plane, the Skydivers, she said would get a free fall of about 45 seconds and once the parachute opened, they stayed in the air for about seven minutes to land in the Drop Zone at Vipingo Beach Club and also at the Vipingo Ridge Golf Course in the afternoon.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.