Traders complain about the poor state of Oyani market.

Traders of Oyani market located in East Kanyamkago Ward, Uriri Sub County complain over poor sanitation and lack of clean water in the market, exposing them to risks of contracting communicable diseases.

The traders additionally decry lack of security lights to enhance security in the trading centre as are in the past one month, three shops have been broken into by unknown gang escaping with goods worth hundreds of thousands.

Miss Susan Akinyi, a shopkeeper at the market cried out that the incidences of robbery has been a norm in the market, as robbers find it easy to escape into thick darkness after having a break-in.

 “Within three months, my shop and several other shops have been destroyed by thieves who escaped with our goods making us to run loses of hundreds of thousands,” narrates Ms Susan, one of the victims

These people, she continued, find it easy to disappear in the dark as there is no security light to expose their routes.

To add to their woes, the traders complain of not having proper toilets within the market where they can use to respond to nature calls.

 They add that in most cases they are forced to relieve themselves behind the houses surrounding the market, which also increases chances of cholera outbreak in the market.

“There are no toilets in this market and we find it hard to respond to nature calls. We are forced to convert the areas behind the houses surrounding the market into wash rooms,” laments Ms Janet Atieno the chairperson of traders in the market.

Miss Atieno hilariously said that it is ironic that there is an incomplete modern toilet in the market which was built by the county government back in 2017.

However, to date the toilets doors are locked with padlocks and it is only spiders who know the importance of the building as it is full of cobwebs.

“It is so strange that we are suffering to find toilets where we can relieve ourselves yet we have an incomplete modern toilet locked with padlocks full of cobwebs,” said the frustrated chair.

She called on the county government of Migori to come to their aid so that they can finish what they started and rescue them from contracting cholera due to poor sanitation in the market.

According to David Jagero, a resident of the Oyani area, not only is the market in a poor state but the entire oyani center is filthy as there are dumping sites.

Jagero states that it has been ten years since the market was constructed but to date there is nothing that is running properly, as even there is no proper tax collection system.

“this market is ten years old and still the county government is not able to collect tax from traders because of its poor state. The entire Oyani trading centre is in dire need of urgent action from the authorities.

Additionally, Jagero expressed his concerns over statements by local authorities that the market is not listed among other municipalities in Migori county and it is therefore difficult to trace it in the system.

He urged the responsible local government authorities to ensure they are listed so that they are in a position to pay taxes that can be used to elevate their livelihoods and also uplift the market.

According to the area Member of County Assembly (MCA) Mr Norman Ogolla, it is climate change that has delayed the renovation of the market as when they had prepared to rebuild the market it was raining, making the construction to be difficult.

“We had planned to renovate the market early this year but it was raining when we launched the program making the construction to be difficult as there were floods in market,” said Mr.Ogolla

However the MCA of the urged the traders to be patient as he had shared their predicaments with the governor Mr Ochillo and very soon all their problems will be no more

“I have shared the problems of the residents with the governor and he promised that he will renovate the market in the next one month,” added Mr Ogolla.

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