In a move to bring development closer to the people, Turkana County is set to host the third Senate Mashinani sittings from September 25, 2023, to September 29, 2023.

The setting will provide a unique opportunity for the residents of Turkana County to engage with their elected representatives on matters of critical importance.

This initiative exemplifies a commitment to fostering inclusivity and participatory governance, ultimately working towards a more empowered and prosperous future for the people of Turkana.

The week-long sitting seeks to find solutions to several issues affecting the lives of people living in Turkana County.

Speaking at the county assembly during a brief meeting with Senate Speaker Amason Kingi and the lead delegation, Turkana County Speaker Christopher Nakuleu pointed out the issues of Financial  Autonomy of the County Assemblies to enhance separation of power and effective oversight between the two arms.

Delimitation of boundaries to mitigate conflicts related to lands and the recent detention of Pastoralists from Kenya who are currently under the custody of Ugandan police.

According to the speaker, these are the issues that require immediate address. 

In a sobering turn of events, the lives of 32 Kenyan pastoralists from Urum and Lokiriama villages in Turkana County took a drastic turn five months ago.

They were thrust into a harrowing ordeal, accused of a grave crime – the alleged killing of Ugandan geologists, coupled with the possession of illegal firearms.

Subsequently, they found themselves in the custody of Ugandan authorities, setting off a chain of events that would culminate in a trial and the imposition of a staggering 20-year prison sentence.

This deeply distressing incident serves as a stark reminder of the complex challenges faced by border communities and the pressing need for diplomatic solutions to such cross-border disputes.

In a diligent pursuit of accountability and transparency, the Senate has been actively engaged in a series of crucial departmental committee meetings.

One of the pivotal sessions saw the esteemed Governor take the stand before the Senate Public Accounts Committee, led by the distinguished Senator Moses Kajwang.

The primary objective of this meeting was to address and provide pertinent responses to the Auditor General’s comprehensive report on the financial proceedings for the 2020/2021 fiscal year.

This rigorous scrutiny underscores a collective commitment towards ensuring responsible fiscal management and prudent governance for the benefit of the County.

Simultaneously, another crucial development unfolded as the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, under the leadership of Chairperson James Murago, embarked on a significant visit.

Their destination was the Katilu Irrigation Scheme in Turkana South Sub-County, a pivotal area for agricultural endeavours.

The purpose of this visit was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the scheme’s capacity to generate an ample supply of food.

Chairperson Murago astutely observed that ensuring security and stability between Turkana and West Pokot regions is imperative.

This harmonious relationship lays the foundation for the effective practice of both agriculture and pastoralism, owing to the region’s fertile soil and the abundance of water resources.

Such strategic collaboration stands to unlock the full potential of the land and empower communities to thrive in sustainable agricultural practices.

On a momentous occasion for Turkana County, Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai extended a warm welcome to Speaker Kingi, who had made a courtesy call to the County Headquarters.

They were joined by a distinguished entourage of Senators, having just touched down at the Lodwar airstrip after a flight from Nairobi.

This gathering of influential figures signalled a significant step towards collaborative governance and the shared commitment to propel Turkana County towards a brighter future.

The Governor assured Speaker Kingi of the County Government’s commitment to cooperate with and support the Senate as it undertakes its constitutional oversight mandate to protect public resources.

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