Mr Samwel Mwangi, director of Membership in UDA party addressing the media in Busia county

United Democratic Party (UDA)has started the process of recruiting party leadership countrywide in preparation for the party grassroots elections in December.

According to the director membership, in the UDA party Mr Samwel Mwangi, those who joined the party last year should be sensitized on the importance of having its leadership across the nation.

“Many people joined the party and as a party, we thought there is a need for them to be sensitized on the importance of being members and how they can take part in party elections as members and leaders within the party,” he said

Addressing the party members in Busia Mr Mwangi said that they will be going to Bungoma, kakamega, Vihiga, and Tranzoia to sensitize party members and prepare them for the next month’s party elections adding that every member is free to contest for any position in the party as long as they are registered members.

“I want to assure those who love the party that everyone has an equal opportunity to contest for any position in the party whether you are an elected leader or not. The party believes in a bottom-up policy and we will support anybody who will vie for the post,” said Mwangi

He revealed that the party will fill 20 party officials in the elections from the polling centre level to the national level.

“In the forthcoming party elections, we will fill 20 positions that are supposed to be filled by 20 officials from the polling centre, ward, sub-county, and county level before conducting national elections. We will also have those who will be elected to address issues affecting youths, women, people living with disabilities, small and medium enterprises, and the general public.” He noted.

UDA party members in Busia County during the UDA party sensitization program.

He added, “We will have four people to represent youth affairs in the party, four representing small and medium enterprises. The party believes in a bottom-up policy and that is why we have a high number of populations representing youths and those in SMEs.”

Dr Bonface Erute Amukura West, a member of the County Assembly of Busia urged the people of Busia to take part in UDA party elections to benefit from the party goodies as a ruling party.

“Today’s event is good for the people of Busia. As a county, taking part in the ruling party’s grassroots elections will enable us to have party leadership, a move that will enable the people of Busia to benefit from the ruling party. Those who have attended today’s meeting as you go to your respective places spread the message to others so that we can grow the party,” said Dr Erute.

Mr Alfred Juma Maloba from Budalangi subcounty in Busia noted that, in the last general elections UDA failed to get many seats because the party did not have a leadership structure at the grassroots level.

“In the last general elections, UDA failed to clinch most elected seats and I believe it was because we lacked grassroots leadership across the county to mobilize votes for the party. But having the structure in place in the county we know that in the 2027 elections, Busia county will have many elected leaders on UDA ticket,” said Mr Juma.

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