The NG-CDF Committee led by Hon. Moses Sirma during the assessment of the NG-CDF funded projects at Uriri Technical and Vocational College in URIRI. Photo by Peter Ologi;KTMN

The Parliamentary Committee on National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has lauded Uriri Member of Parliament Engineer Mark Nyamita on the exemplary execution of the projects in Uriri Constituency.

The Committee that toured the constituency on April 29, 2023, to assess the NG-CDF said that Nyamita has raised the bar for NG-CDF projects, calling on other Members of the Parliament to copy.

While speaking after the inspection of the projects, Moses Sirma, the Chairperson of the committee said that the assessment will enable them to make informed decisions for amendments to the funds.

“This supervision will enable us to make informed decisions on the allocation of the same funds as well as ensuring accountability of the Members of the Parliament,” said Sirma.

L-R: Matuga Member of Parliament Tandaza Sawa, Hon. Moses Sirma, George Ole Meshoi and Uriri Member of Parliament at the launch of Kajulu 1B Ass. Chief’s Office.

Apart from helping the Committee make informed decisions, Sirma who is a Member of Parliament for Eldama Ravine also added that the supervision will ensure that there is value for money meant to develop the constituency.

This is after a proposal by the Salaried and Remuneration Commission that aimed to scrap the Constituency Development Fund, a proposal that was met with ruthless opposition from Members of the Parliament.

NG-CDF, formerly the Constituency Development Fund was established in 2003 through the Act of Parliament to address the socio-economic development of the people at the constituency level.

The Members of the Committee also implored the Members of the Parliament to borrow a leaf from Nyamita, especially the digitization of the bursary application which has so far eased the process for learners.

“The online application process which was launched by Nyamita is one of its kind. We, therefore, implore other leaders to borrow the idea which will help reduce the bureaucracy that has clouded the whole thing,” he added.

Online bursary application which was for the first time used in the Constituency has also been lauded by the residents, saying that it has eased the whole process.

“This process has reduced the whole process to only a smartphone and a portal. No need to carry papers along, which most of the time were not being submitted, said James Otieno, a resident from Oyani.

During the assessment process, the Committee visited Uriri Technical and Vocational College and Oyani Chief’s Office apart from officially opening a laboratory in Nyamassre Mixed Secondary School and Rapogi Mixed Boarding Primary School.

Kajulu 1B Ass. Chief’s office, one of the projects funded by Uriri Sub County NG-CDF that was being assessed by the NG-CDF Committee.

While speaking after the launch of the complex building at Uriri Technical and Vocational College, Beatrice Elachi, a member of the committee requested more funds to increase the school infrastructure.

“I really want to plead with the government to increase the funds allocation especially the TVETS so that they can build more infrastructures to ensure quality learning, she said.

The Former Speaker of the Nairobi County Government also condemned the selective nature of bursary allocation to the learners especially based on the political differences at the county government.

She noted that education is meant to be an equalizer of all classes apart from being a bridge to ensure the accomplishment of the Standard Development Goals (SDGs); quality education for all learners.

On his side, George Ole Meshuko said that the assessment was not only meant to enforce NG-CDF accountability but also acted as a benchmarking tour for leaders to learn and replicate.

“We have also benchmarked apart from ensuring that the funds are used effectively. We, therefore, call upon other Members of the Parliament to replicate this good work,” said the Committee Member

He lauded the completion of Rapogi Complex Building, a mighty storey infrastructure that will accommodate more learners, build at a tune of Sh31 million.

Among the inspected projects was Kajulu 1B Assistant Chief’s Office constructed at a cost of Sh1.5 million, the first modern office in the area.

The launch of the office will ensure that local administration in Kajulu is boosted, to ensure that the national government policies are disseminated promptly as part of service to the local residents.

Nyamita on his side, however, requested an increased allocation of the NG-CDF funds from 2.5 per cent to 5 per cent in order to boost further the various projects that require the funds

“I call upon the committee to reconsider the amount allocated and if possible, raise the percentage to at least 5 per cent from 2.5 per cent as this will double the projects as well as ensure more development,” said Nyamita.

The area Member of Parliament said that they greatly depend on the funds for development projects hence the need not to scrap the funds.

Nyamita who is also a member of the committee encouraged other Members of the Parliament from the region to ensure that the fund is out to task and only fund what it is meant for.

As he will be joining the committee to assess other Sub Counties in Migori, the Member of Parliament said that development should be the only competition factor while also ensuring that the funds are used effectively.

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