Believers at the Israel Church of God – Oruba in Migori County have taken a strong stance against opportunistic politicians.

The faithful claim that they are tired of politicians who exploit their support during political campaigns and then abandon them once in office.

Led by their esteemed Cardinals Jack Aliwa and Richard Odhiambo, the faithful have spoken out against the unsettling trend of politicians who go to extraordinary lengths, even kneeling in the mud, to win the votes of congregants during campaigns.

However, once the elections are over, these politicians vanish into thin air, leaving the congregants feeling deceived and disregarded.

“There are a clique of politicians who use churches to elevate themselves and once they succeed they forget about us. Some who used to visit us and even sit on the floor during campaigns have now deserted us,” complained Cardinal Aliwa.

The believers are resolute in their assertion that they will no longer tolerate being used as mere stepping stones to political victory, only to be neglected when it comes to fulfilling promises.

Moreover, the sense of injustice runs deep as they express their frustration over being left to suffer in silence after placing their trust in empty words.

The church community is also grappling with caring for orphans and widows which adds to the complexity of their situation.

With current the challenging economic circumstances, the conventional means of financial support to the church which includes tithes, are falling short of meeting the needs of those who rely on their assistance.

“Currently even tithes are not enough to sustain the church, we cannot even support orphans and widows as we used to,” decried Odhiambo.

Frustrated congregants are now urging those politicians who made commitments to them to honour their pledges without waiting until the next round of elections in 2027.

“We are sending a plea and a message of warning to politicians to honour the promises they made. We will not accept them in our church when the next elections come,” said Aliwa.

Their plea for accountability underscores the need for integrity and follow-through in the realm of politics.

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