Residents of Kalkacha village in Tana North Sub County, Tana River County have received incentives from a humanitarian organization to restart their lives after they lost their livelihoods due to the ravaging drought.

Most families lost their livestock and businesses occasioned by the drought leaving them in poverty and Direct Aid organization came in handy to help them with farm implements, livestock and portable market stalls.

According to the head of Income Generating Programs at the organization Mr Ibrahim Adan, the projects were aimed at cushioning beneficiaries from the effects of drought adding that 30 women received market stalls whereby 15 stalls benefitted grocery traders while the other 15 stalls went to those who deal in clothes.

He also said that 70 farmers will benefit from three farms with a total size of 70 acres, tilled by the organization at the Hola irrigation scheme.

“We have launched three projects at Kalkacha village whereby in the first project seventy farmers will benefit from 70 acres that we ploughed for them and paid water bills to the Hola Irrigation Scheme that is managed by the National Irrigation Authority (NIA). They have also received assorted seeds, fertilizers and pesticides,” he said.

The third group he said was of 30 families that received 150 goats to help restart their livelihoods after they lost their herd to the ravaging drought.

“Each of the 30 families has received five goats that will assist them generate income and feed their families as well as educate their children,” he added.

Mrs Rehema Mohamed could not hide her joy saying that she lost her herd of goats due to lack of pasture and the five goats will be a major boost to her to start life again.

Market stalls donated by Direct Aid Muslim Organization to Drought Victims from Kalkacha in Tanariver County Photo by Treeza Auma

“I am a very happy woman to have been considered for this project. I was wondering how I will start life after losing my goats to the effects of drought that hit our region. I am going to take care of the new herd so that they can multiply and help me generate income,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by Mrs Mwanajuma Komora who is the chairlady of the Hola Market Women association. She said that the town lacks a proper market forcing traders to do their business in makeshift stalls.

“We operate in a very desperate situation where when it rains we suffer and when it is hot we also suffer from the scorching sun and we are so grateful to the organization for coming to our aid,” she said.

Mrs Fatuma Abbas said that the projects will help many of them do more business and improve their trade since they will not be worried of their market produce getting spoiled due to the scorching sun and also during the rainy season.

Mrs Abida Mohamed who got a stall and deals in clothes was delighted to also receive new stock from the organization.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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