Suna West Member of Parliament Peter Masara has again outrightly called out the governor Migori county and his administration on misappropriation of funds and underdevelopment evident in the county.
The Legislature open criticism on the county government has stirred up hot conversation across the county and the migori political divide with many siding him in ensuring the governor is in check while a portion viewing a deliberate attack on the governor for self interests as Masara has eyes on gubernatorial seat in the future.
Speaking in a local radio station Masara stated that he represent the Suna west who are residents of Migori county that need services from the county government since it is just one voter that spread the vote for the six political seats with expectations of service delivery from all elected leaders.
“I meet my constituents every Saturday and some of their issues can only be handled by the county government,as their trusted leader I can help push such agenda to the relevant authorities until they are addressed,” said Masara.
Pascal called in to disregard the Mp’s statement  listing a number of development achieved by the county government which include the ECDE classrooms and cabros. long the roads.
“I want the Mp to stop being negative and look at our roads which are now advanced having cabros and
completed ECDE classrooms, ” stated Pascal.
When responding to this, the legislature clearly stating the record straight pointed that Migori received 11Billion from the National Treasury which is 11times the Sum of what the 8MPs get annually and when used prudently will transform Migori.
“The Nation Newspaper today lists Migori as an expense extravagant county collecting 146million annually and spends over 200million on travels that add no development value which shouldn’t be the case, We want to see our children educated,empowered and employed, county road networks done, hospitals equipped, markets advanced  to balance what we get as a county,” stressed Masara.
The legislator further alleged that the MCA’s are hiding in fear unleashed to them by county boss crippling their oversight role.
Masara supports the new proposed Ward Development Fund embedded in the NADCO Report that aid the MCA to get money directly from the ex- checker to facilitate ward developments and to curb discrimination from county bosses.
Masara affirmed that a leader attract people when he is easily accessible and public participation being paramount in development dispensation and solving societal issues.