Suna West Member of Parliament Peter Masara has condemned Kenya Kwanza’s mode of administration saying that it has remained adamant about the basic needs of the citizens.

Masara was speaking during the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party delegates meeting in Migori where he pointed out Kenya Kwanza’s attempts to make life unbearable through the finance bill 2023.

The legislator who is serving his second term vowed to rally other like-minded House Members to oppose the bill in the National Assembly.

“I will vote No for the 2023 Finance Bill because Kenyans are overburdened and there is no way a caring government should pass the bill which will overtax Kenyans,”

Peter Masara.

The lawmaker added that there are many ways of financing the budget, urging President William Ruto to consider withdrawing the bill.

He continued that there is still time for the President to humble himself, and let the Bill be amended and passed for the benefit of Kenyans.

Governor Ochilo Ayacko, NA minority leader Opiyo Wandayi and other leaders during the ODM delegates meeting in Awendo. Photo, Peter Ologi; KTMN

According to the MP, the government has not taken any step to get the views of the citizens, adding that wherever public participation happened, it was done in haste without creating awareness of the same.

“Paying taxes is our responsibility as patriotic citizens of this nation, but we can only do that when the condition is conducive enough, not now,” he added.

Masara also pointed out the galloping increase of school fees in public schools and varsities saying that implementing the tax system will make education unaffordable for the less fortunate.

“Should the government coerce Kenyans with the manipulative Finance Bill, then there are avenues that as leaders, they will use to drum for the rights of the majority citizens

Peter Masara

“Implementing the Finance Bill will leave the low and middle-income earners with nothing left for fees at the schools and varsities, making education unaffordable in Kenya,” he reiterated.

He stressed the need to make education affordable as a beneficiary of Kenya’s education system which underwent all the challenges.

“As a beneficiary of the education system in Kenya, it should be just to counter the challenges by making it affordable for everyone including the vegetable vendors with low income,” he noted.

Masara was also backed up by Seme Member of Parliament James Nyikal who stressed the need for the government to reconsider the Finance Bill before making major steps.

“Should the government coerce Kenyans with the manipulative Finance Bill, then there are avenues that as leaders, they will use to drum for the rights of the majority citizens,” he warned.

Nyikal sent a blow to the speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula warning him to stop undermining the powers of the Parliament.

He said that there is a need to encourage a debate to point out the bad and the good about the bill before voting to quash or pass it.

“There is a need to let all house members discuss and tell you what the people want other than just compelling them to vote,” he said.

According to the MP, there has been more than one account of such hurried passing of bills including the committee reports on the governor of the Central Bank of Kenya.

He insisted on the need for the finance bill to be just and fair, warning that they will consider going to the streets if their voices cannot be heard in the parliament.

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