A section of Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) aspirants from Kilifi County have warned that they will evacuate ODM if the party issue direct nominations to favorable candidates instead of party nominations.

The leaders have called out to Raila Odinga to ensure that party nominations are free and fair.

The leaders have expressed their dissapointment to what they term as forced consensus on the nominations. They claim that a section of ODM leaders want to be given nominations on grounds that they have been loyal to the ODM party.

Kaloleni constituency member of parliament aspirant Ferdinard Masha Kenga has said that the residents overwhelmingly love the ODM party and they wish to go for the party nominations in order to choose their favorite candidates in preparation for the August general elections.

“The voters are looking forward to the party nominations as it was suggested by ODM. They want to choose their favorable candidates thus any other decision rather than party nomination will be an insult to the party members.” Masha remarked.

Masha also called on election bodies to ensure free and fair credible nominations and asked the voters to be given a chance to vote freely.

Tunje Rimba, Chasimba ward MCA aspirant expressed his disappointment to the party due to the favourism of some politicians who claim to be loyal to the ODM party, being given direct nomination.

“We are disappointed by the ODM party by favoring the incumbent politicians who has being in the party to be given direct nominations.”

Rimba said.

Rimba has called upon the party to conduct nominations citing readiness both from the members and voters.

He warned that failure of the party to adhere to fair nominations, they would move out of the party. He added that failure of Raila Odinga to listen to their plea will him not garner enough votes in the coast region.

Malindi town MCA aspirant Rashid Adhiambo expressed his disappointment to forced consensus between candidates.

“No one should be forced to go on a consensus. If anyone wants to do a consensus with an opponent, then one should it freely. We want to be given a chance to go on nominations with our competitors.” Adhiambo said.

Adhiambo said they were looking forward to a free, fair and credible party nominations come 4th April when the nominations will be conducted.

Their remarks come a day after the Kilifi aspirants failed to reach a consensus when ODM party conducted party nomination sensitization in Kilifi in readiness for the Party Nominations.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of https://www.ktmn.co.ke KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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