To ease movement among the caregivers to the orphans and vulnerable children in Busia County, and the Community Health Volunteers, USAID 4The Child in collaboration with World Bicycle Relief donated 45 Buffalo bicycles at a cost of sh1.1 Million to Support 45 households in Busia.

and Community Health Volunteers in Busia County.

According to Deputy Director USAID 4The Child Mr. Kenneth Otieno,  movement from one place to another has been among the major challenges the caregivers, OVCs, and Community Health Workers have been experiencing when executing their mandate in the community.

Addressing the beneficiaries while distributing the bicycles Mr Otieno noted that with the bicycles the caregivers and community health workers will find it easy to move.

“Busia County, like many regions in Kenya, faces significant challenges related to accessing essential services and resources, particularly in remote areas.

The inadequate resources hinder efforts of the community health volunteers who provide critical healthcare services and support to vulnerable populations,” he said

In a flag-off ceremony attended by Busia County Executive Committee Member in charge Department of Education and Vocational Training Ms. Beatrice Nakholi, and her counterpart for Sports, Gender, and Creative Arts, Mr Paul Ekwenye, Mr Otieno noted that although they aim to distribute at least 200 bicycles, the 45 bicycles available will contribute to the well-being of Busia County’s vulnerable populations.

“Our target is to reach out to at least 200 households but the 45 bicycles we have will ease movement. It will not only change the 45 beneficiaries but also the 13,776 Orphans and Vulnerable Children we are working with Busia county government to create a brighter future for them,” he noted

According to Ms Beatrice Nakholi, the bicycles will not only reduce the burden of movement to the CHVs, it will also improve the access to healthcare, and education to the OVCs among other benefits.

“These bicycles will not only ease the burden on the Community health volunteers, it will improve access to healthcare, education, and other essential services for thousands of orphans and vulnerable children in the county,” she noted

She added, “This generous gift comes as a result of a dynamic partnership between USAID 4TheChild and World Bicycle Relief (WBR) is set to have a positive impact on the lives of 13,776 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Busia County, as well as community health volunteers (CHVs).”

Her sentiments were echoed by the Sports, Gender, and Creative Arts (CECM) Mr Paul Ekwenye adding that the partnership between USAID 4TheChild, Busia County Government, and World Bicycle Relief, the bicycle will address transport challenges to the community health volunteers.

“These bicycles represent a practical solution to the transportation challenges the health Volunteers encounter daily in their line of duty. With the bicycles they will respond to the emergency efficiently,” he said

USAID 4TheChild, supported by PEPFAR through USAID/Kenya and East Africa to increase access to quality county-led health and social services for OVC and their families operates in Busia County, Bungoma, Kakamega, Kisumu, and Siaya.

In Busia County, the program operates through two local partners, reaching out to support a total of 14,859 OVC, including 2,470 children and adolescents living with HIV (CALHIV), across the county. 

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