Caption: Busia County Executive Committee member in charge of the Housing and urban development in Busia County Mr Peter Odima

County Executive committee member in charge of the Housing and urban development in Busia County Mr Peter Odima has maintained that no hawker will be allowed to operate their Business on the road and other government land in Busia town.

According to him, the government demolished all structures erected on government land to reorganize the town but there are few individuals using hawkers to try and go back.

“You all know the county government is reorganizing the town because we are demolishing all illegal structures erected on government land including road reserves and drainage systems.

But it has come to our notice that hawkers are going back to the roads to sell their merchandise there. Let them be warned that we will not allow that to happen. We have enough markets that are yet to be filled. We will not allow them along the roadside,” said Mr Odima

He warned those using goons to cast stones at law enforcement and revenue officers on duty that the government will not tolerate them.

“And those using hawkers to rough up our County officers on duty, we will deal with them in accordance with the law. The government will not be moved by anybody.

If there is something wrong the officers have done, let them report to the relevant authorities and not cast stones at them,” he warned

The CEC Member called upon the Busia residents to remain calm as the government executes its promise.

“Government has its own way of doing things. We will not be moved by people’s pressure. People are asking when we have modern kiosks in areas we demolished illegal structures, let them be informed that we already have plans to have an investor to construct modern stalls and not kiosks,” stated Mr Odima

He added that “The claims from the hawkers that they pay revenue is just an excuse to justify their character will not be allowed.”

This was after there was commotion between the County enforcement and revenue officers selling their goods along the roadside in Busia town was witnessed for the better part of the morning when hawkers selling their goods along Busia Kisumu road started throwing stones at the officers opposing their relocation.

According to the traders they have been selling their goods in the said spots but the enforcement officers moved in and carried their properties without notifying them.

“I have the receipts showing that I have been paying the revenue to the county government in the very spots they are demanding we move out from.

The officers came and confiscated our goods without notifying us. Let the County government give us an alternative place instead,” said Ms Christine Akinyi, one of the hawkers.

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